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Premium and affordable scents: the new trend of natural and affordable parfums

Parfum industry has make it incredibly difficult for those who love fragrances but are on a budget. For some time now, the prices of parfums have been so expensive that is quite impossible for most of the people to afford buying them.

Most of the times, the price of premium parfums is not related to the quality of the scent but associated with marketing costs, celebrity endorsement fees or lavish packaging.

Fortunately, a new trend of premium scents based on natural and ethically sourced components is rising and capturing the attention of fragrance enthusiasts who feel left behind by the parfum industry.

Smell good in a cost-effective way

Parfums like YSL’s Mon Paris can costs up to £82 for a 50 ml bottle. In each millimeter there are approximately 10 sprays, so a 50ml bottle has 500 sprays. If the user likes to wear parfum everyday and uses 5 sprays each time, a 50 ml bottle will last 100 days. That makes approximately £286 per year just to smell good every day.

Why spend so much money while you access to a fragrance that smells just like YSK’s Mon Paris but is far more affordable? Furthermore, why keep investing your money in the parfum industry when you can turn to a clean, ethically sourced, long-lasting, high-end perfume elaborated by a small company?

Nowadays, there are many parfums that are premium quality and are capturing the attention of scent lovers who enjoy smelling good everyday at a reasonable cost.

In fact, there is a new trend on natural products produced with clean vegan ingredients and through cruelty-free processes that not only can provide a great smell experience but also a healthier way to smell good for the user and the environment.

Sending a message through smell

Even though some people consider parfum a luxury item, it is much more important than what is believed.

In modern society, we rely more in vision than in other sense. For that reason, sometimes we tend to underestimate other senses, such as smelling. But the truth is that we do smell and build senses through the information received through smelling.

The most known benefit of parfum is that it helps neutralize body odors. But it goes far beyond than that. Fragrance sends a message about personality. Although it works in a subtle manner, people are identified by the way they smell, and scents create an idea about who a person is.

Also, the sense of smell has a huge impact on memory. It is quite common that just by smelling something someone immediately remembers a person or a situation.

Also, wearing a parfum plays a major role in relaxation, mood, and confidence. Feeling comfortable with one’s odor creates the perfect condition to relax and boost confidence, creating the desired ambience for relating with other people.

Fancy and affordable natural scents

Among the new trend of fancy and affordable scents, vegan parfums are the most popular option.

They combine natural ingredients such as flowers (jasmine, vanilla, violet, orris, patchouli, orchid, rose, tuberose, gardenia, ylang-ylang, iris, lavender, verbena) , herbs (liquorice, green tea, green leaves, peppermint, vetiver, tobacco ), seeds (coffee, almonds, tonka beans, cinnamon, clove, pistachio, cacao, nutmeg) , fruits (pear, orange, raspberry, peach, berry, cherry, lime, green apple, tangerine, coconut, ginger) , edibles (sugar, caramel, marshmallow), resin (amber, cedar oil, honey, neroli, benzoin) and wood (sandalwood, gaiac),  to create artistic scents aimed at providing relaxation, confidence and the perfect environment surround the user.

Through combinations, these scents create feelings such as sophistication, sensuality, innocence, playfulness, lush and intrigue, among others.

Natural scents can be selected by gender or just going for a unisex scent. One of the bestsellers fragrances is made of sandalwood, combined with sweet violet, classic orris and woodsy musk to create a unique unisex scent that conveys the feeling of inner sensuality.

Likewise, Musky Gaiac is among the most popular choices. It is made of Gaiac, a type of wood that has a smoky and dry smell which is enhanced through a natural process in order to provide a raw fragrance with a minimalistic and unique smell.

To conclude, nowadays there is no need to spend a huge amount of money in a fragrance. Many natural and high-quality scents are available, providing affordable and eco-friendly products for fragrance lovers that are looking for a modern approach in parfums.


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