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Retiring In Florida: How To Make Your Money Go Further

Retirement is a time to enjoy yourself and indulge in all the interests, hobbies and passions that you may not have had time for as a younger person. During your retirement, the last thing you want is to be worried about money and make ends meet. It is crucial to find ways to make your money go further without promising on the quality of your life in retirement.

Choose a combination of investments, savings and smart spending to see your money stretch further. Begin planning as early as possible; the younger you start, the more you will have to work with when you retire.

Start Looking For A Home Early

It is currently a seller’s market in Florida, making it challenging for anyone who wants to make a quick but cost-effective move. Start looking as soon as possible and consider buying a few years before your retirement date. Regularly review the offerings of the Floridian housing market and consider your future needs when choosing a property.

Avoid Taking Out A New Mortgage

Ensure you have your retirement home paid off in full before retiring. A mortgage will take money out of your pocket and leave you at the whims of the financial market. Buy property early enough to pay off the mortgage in full or sell your current home and buy property you can purchase outright.

Shop Around For Utilities

Never take the first deal you find for utilities. Call them and negotiate a better deal if your preferred provider doesn’t offer the best rate. Avoid compromising quality for a lower price and stand your ground in negotiations.

Take On A Boarder

If you are concerned about the cost of living in Florida, consider taking on a boarder. Research to find a reasonable price for your spare room. Interview prospective boarders and take references from past landlords to ensure they will be a good fit. Consider offering the room to family or friends first.

Make Smart Investments Early

Start looking at investment opportunities in your 30s or earlier. Look for investments at varying risks and avoid putting too much money into any single scheme. Choose some low-risk investments to ensure your money’s safety, such as gold. Buy gold from trusted sources like the US Gold Bureau. Look for stocks, bonds and collectors’ items to create a diversified investment portfolio.

Create A Budget

Work out a budget for your living expenses throughout retirement—factor in all costs, including healthcare, day-to-day living and leisure activities. Look for areas to cut back on waste without compromising your quality of life.

Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthcare is costly, so living well can help you save money over time. Eat a balanced diet, get plenty of sleep and avoid vices like smoking or drinking to excess. Exercise every day to meet the recommended guidelines from the CDC.

Work Part-Time

Consider working part-time to bolster your retirement funds. Look for work you’ll enjoy and ensure you can still take it easy.


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