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The guarantee of a successful online retail outlet depends on the quality of the product and the speed of its implementation to the client. No user will wait long to purchase a product or order a service. Slow website opening negatively affects customer response. Statistics show that users do not like to wait and would prefer to go to another site, rather than wait extra seconds until the request is completed.

The loss of a client is equal to the loss of net profit. This is why, as soon as business owners discover such problems, they go into protection mode and try to fix the program vulnerability as soon as possible. To do this not only quickly, but also with high quality, you need to hire dedicated magento developer, who possesses all the skills, knowledge and experience of working with similar projects.

Common problems addressed to the Magento platform

There are a number of problems that need professional help. Entrepreneurs often decide to use the Magento platform in the following cases:

  • having problems installing the extension;
  • crashes in the toolbar;
  • problems with updating the theme and platform;
  • on-page optimization;
  • the need for coding.

Each online store owner strives to find a reliable developer with work experience, so that everything is done at the highest level and as soon as possible. After all, for every business owner, a symbiosis of such points as quality, terms and new customers is important, all together theoretically equal profit.

Where to look for an experienced Magento developer?

If you have experienced any of the above problems or some other kind of failure that can only be resolved by a specialist in the field of developing solutions for ecommerce, you can find one at the following “addresses”:

  1. Toptal is a place to go to find a Magento expert. The site has a filter for freelancers, which selects candidates based on their skills, abilities and talents. There is no doubt that the client will receive a professional in his field. After a specialist is selected and hired, you can give him a trial period to see if he is really suitable for a particular project. Also, on this site you can hire an employee on a permanent basis.
  2. CodementorX – you can find a professional to solve your coding problem. You can also hire a consultant to deal with the matter personally.
  3. Upwork is a reliable platform for finding a permanent employee. The client receives a list of suitable candidates. In addition, the specialist himself can find an employer and contact him. The main advantage of the site is that it is possible to control the hiring process.
  4. GeeksPerHour – this platform is suitable for finding a specialist for a small project or solving several small problems.
  5. Elogic – partnerships with marketplace owners, wholesalers and B2B and B2C ecommerce businesses.
  6. Stack Overflow is an open format that is designed to find customers and performers, as well as exchange knowledge, experience, skills, and so on.
  7. Hired is a classic bulletin board where you can find a qualified specialist for your tasks and get quality services.
  8. PeoplePerHour is a platform where you can get acquainted with the profiles of representatives in the field of ecommerce development and select a candidate according to various parameters.
  9. Freelancer – you can publish your task or find a suitable candidate for its implementation from the proposed list.
  10. Guru – a large selection of performers for a wide range of parameters. At the same time, each customer has the opportunity to choose a specific direction for quickly finding the right specialist in one area or another.

To order shopware development services, you need to find a suitable specialist first, which can be done at the sites listed above.

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