States That Legalized Sports Betting: What’s Likely to Happen After Legalization?

The popularity of sports betting has been increasing steadily in the United States due to the Supreme Court Decision of 2018 that allowed state-by-state legalization. This decision has caused over half of the states to legalize gambling. Other states are still on the verge of legalizing it, while some few have only legally allowed some form of betting. Here is a breakdown of the states that passed legislation on sports betting.

Arizona Arkansas
Colorado New Jersey
Connecticut New York
Kansas Ohio
Illinois Oregon
Indiana Pennsylvania
Iowa Rhode Island
Louisiana Virginia
Maryland West Virginia
Massachusetts Wyoming
Michigan New Hampshire

States that Legalized In-Person Betting and the Upcoming Legal Zones

States that have only legalized in-person sports betting include North Carolina, Delaware, South Dakota, and Mississippi. Other states likely to legalize betting within their jurisdiction very soon include Maine, California, Nebraska, and Florida.

What Will Happen After Legalizing Sports Betting?

Although the law prohibited sports betting, most citizens loved engaging in it. The love for wagering has been proved in states like Arkansas and Colorado, where it was legalized via a referendum and voter approval. The ready market for sports betting has helped create various reputable sportsbooks nationwide. These offshore sportsbooks also serve players in states like Florida that have banned sports betting. You can have fun finding more about the legal sportsbooks serving Floridians at Best US Casinos. Moreover, you will also get the chance to play the most popular variants of casino games from the top-rated online casino sites.

The ban against wagering did more harm than good to states before the legalization. However, for the states that have legalized sports betting, they are expected to benefit in a variety of ways, as seen below.

A Safe Market for Bettors

When gambling was illegal, bettors had to look for offshore online sports betting sites to wager on their favorite teams. These left them at the mercy of those sites, and they would often experience poor customer service.

Fortunately, legalizing sports betting in the states has provided a safe market for bettors. The laws enacted and enforced by the state agencies also ensure fairness in wagering. The government’s involvement in sports betting gives bettors much-needed peace of mind as they wager.

Legal Sports Betting Generates More Taxes

The states will also benefit immensely from legalizing sports betting. Even after banning wagering, people somehow managed to play. The ban caused many states to lose an opportunity to generate income from the betting activities of their citizens.

Every sportsbook operating in jurisdictions that allow betting must pay taxes. As the sportsbooks honor their tax obligations, they provide the state’s government with more resources to fund the construction or renovation of infrastructure, health clinics, schools, and other projects.

Legal Sports Betting Creates More Jobs

By legalizing sports betting, sportsbooks will be free to set up their businesses within the state. Investing in the state will create many job opportunities for the residents. Some of the expertise needed in sportsbooks include cashiers, analysts, odd makers, security personnel, and customer service agents.

The traffic generated by sports betting can also instigate the expansion of other businesses. Advertising companies will also have opportunities to market the sportsbooks. All these opportunities will help create employment.

Final Thoughts

Legalizing sports betting is a win-win for both players and the states. While it gives the players an easy time to enjoy wagering, the states also get an opportunity to generate the much-needed income. Players won’t have to travel or spend money on sportsbooks outside their jurisdiction, thereby growing the local economy. Above all, legalizing betting creates job opportunities needed by the citizens.



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