Successful Strategies to Get More Twitter Followers: Experts Opinion

In recent years, Twitter has remained one of the most popular platforms for growth online as a personality or a brand. There are a lot of strategies that cover the question of gaining more readers on this social network because the popularity here is based on your audience even more than on other platforms. Of course, using Tweetboost for cheap Twitter followers is a good option, especially for beginners who need to squeeze in the competition, but even purchases cannot completely guarantee that you will reach success as a blogger. In this article are gathered the most useful insights on how to get more followers on Twitter, which are proven effective by different experts of social media marketing.

Secure Regular Posting

This is kinda obvious, but still worth mentioning, as one of the aspects that can impact your progress on Twitter significantly. On platforms like Facebook or YouTube, you can easily get away with 1-2 posts in three days. But the average lifespan of a single tweet doesn’t go over 20 minutes. The reason for such a short term of effectiveness is the dynamic of the feed on this network – it is constantly changing and renewing, so in a short period of time your post will be lost in the stream of new content that appears on Twitter each second.

To make your progress fruitful and attract more people to your content, you must learn how to reach your audience properly in such conditions. Some experts believe that the more you tweet the better. But Laura Roeder, a marketing expert from the Meetedgar team, shares an opinion that the better strategy for gaining more readers on Twitter is to post at the right periods of time, orienting in the activity of your target group.

Use Curated Content

Content curation is a smart way of keeping up the consistency of your daily flow. It is hard to produce as much original and personal content as the effective strategies would require, so this is a totally relevant method for getting more readers. The effectiveness of curated content is explained by the fact that the Twitter feed algorithm relies on the relevance of content a lot, so there is a chance that your materials will appear before new eyes if you have engaged with similar tweets.

So, the secret is that to attract more people to your profile, you should retweet and reply to other posts that are connected to your niche somehow. This tactic increases your visibility on the platform multiple times and can ensure that your audience will grow. In bias to the regularity, curated retweets help you to expand your content plan according to your needs, if you feel you need to save up some ideas for your original creations.

Don’t Forget About Visuals

Successful Strategies to Get More Twitter Followers: Experts Opinion

Although Twitter is a conversational platform, images matter a lot, because nothing engages users more than visual content. Videos, gifs, pictures, and infographics are the perfect support for your texts, which makes your tweets more visible and distinct for your audience. As we have realized in the previous paragraph, engagement is extremely important for your growth on Twitter, so here are some impressive statistics:

  • Tweets with images are able to produce 150% more retweets
  • Posts that include videos are able to increase your engagement rate up to 10 times
  • In comparison with tweets that don’t include gifs, the ones that have gifs are half as engaging for users.

The facts are proving: imagery has to be included in your content plan, because it attracts a lot of people, and increases the chance for successful interaction.

Take The Risks

In modern competition, it is impossible to find what works specifically for you. Experimenting with your content is a good option for establishing your reputation on the platform. Of course, you have to remain within the limits of your niche, but there is always plenty of time and opportunities to expand your content range in favor of better engagement. The best tactic that you can apply here, according to the digital marketing expert Anna Morgan, is the gradual addition of new content types, with the time periods that allow you to analyze the result properly. For example, it is better to start your blog off with a small range of topics to discuss, and then add some new forms to see how the audience reacts. In fact, a good idea is to ask your followers to help you with this task – honest feedback can improve your performance in the shorter term.

Use Hashtags Wisely

The power of hashtags on Twitter is that they make your tweets much more discoverable. Again, the users’ feed on Twitter is based on the relevance of the content, and hashtags can make your relationship to the topic more obvious for users, as for the system as well. With the right hashtag, you can increase your engagement rate up to 15%. Introduce original hashtags as well, to strengthen the community that you build around your blog. This practice also helps to make your profile distinct from the others in your niche. Don’t neglect trendy hashtags like TBT or MotivationMonday – these can help you in building close and effective relations with your audience and attract new eyes to the content.

Optimize Your Profile

When you are aimed to drive more attention to your profile, it has to be your presentation. The profile page consists of a few elements that are highly important for your public image:

  • Profile picture. This is your face, that will be a centerpiece of your identity on the platform. Make sure that the image is clear and not overloaded with details. Remember that it is always shown near your posts.  A shoulder-up portrait is a good option.
  • Username. Nothing spectacular – it has to be short, memorable and somehow defining what your blog is about. The personal name is also good.
  • Bio. 160 characters that have to reflect the core of your blog. Here you give users a perspective on your blog and encourage them to follow you. Neil Patel recommended adding the humor to the bio  “Don’t be afraid to tell a few jokes or say something original.”
  • Header image. This long banner that you see when entering someone’s profile. Here you can play a little with colors, forms, and esthetics. Add relevant texts, logos, or any other details you want to – but keep it all within the theme of your Twitter.

Use Twitter Chats To Find New Followers

Chats are a decent place to meet new people who can become your followers. Twitter chat is a live conversation with a specific hashtag, and thanks to this detail, the chat room is visible to more users. You can easily increase your engagement rate and followers with chats. Before hosting your own, enter the chats made by successful influencers of your niche and define the main insights that may help you in the organization and process of chatting.


Twitter is an incredibly dynamic platform for growth, where gaining new followers is relatively easier than on other platforms. But you must make dwelling on Twitter a routine, that takes time and effort. Only devotion and deep analysis of your actions will lead to a successful blog on this social platform. Remember that this network is based on your relationship with the audience, and only being active and sincere will drive the growth of followers on your profile.


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