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The Main Signs Of A Hacked Smartphone

If you’ve recently realized that your phone is acting up, there’s a good chance that your device may have been hacked. The average person’s smartphone contains their personal data, email account, banking information, and credit card numbers, all potential targets for malicious cybercriminals. Today our phones are just as vulnerable to hackers as our laptops are.

People often don’t realize that their device is hacked. Mostly don’t know the signs of being hacked. Some of them often ask us, “how do we check signs of hacking?” We will discuss it in today’s article in detail. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid such situations like using phone VPN for Androidand iPhone, changing passwords, etc. Don’t worry; we will also discuss that. So, stay tuned!!

Can someone track my phone without my permission?

The simple answer is “yes,” but it’s not easy, and only someone expert genius hacking mind can do it. The user’s phone is loaded with a wealth of personal data, from text messages to pictures and videos. Anyone who can access their phone can also get access to this information.

Hackers can track devices by providing people problem-solving excellent apps for free, and in return, they secretly start spying on them. That’s why experts always recommend not downloading any app from unknown sources and download VPN for Android and iOS to keep your identity hidden. As well do not click on the suspicious link in messages.

To maintain the security of all the private information on the phone, it is necessary to know if someone can track your location even without permission. There are many ways to check, including checking the settings of app permissions. So individuals need to be aware of these risks and take steps to protect themselves.

What are signs that your cell phone has been hacked?

Here, people will get an answer to the question, “Can you tell if your phone is being monitored?” The answer is yes, but it’s pretty complex, and perhaps not everyone can do it. However, there are signs your phone is hacked. Some of them are the following:

Mysterious Apps:

It’s not uncommon that apps appear on people’s phones that they did not download. Sometimes, these are just notifications that they have installed an app and forgotten about it, but other times they are malware or viruses designed to take over their phone.

The malicious apps will typically try to steal personal information like passwords or credit card numbers, or they may want access to people’s contacts so they can send out spam messages.

Decrease in Battery Life:

It is alarming to some people that the battery life on their phones has decreased drastically. There are many possible explanations for this sudden change, but the most alarming one is the hacking of your smartphone.

The more people use their phones, the more it drains the device’s battery life. A hacker can drain a device’s battery life by using up all the data or not disconnecting the device from WiFi.

Data Usage Increase:

If people notice an increase in data usage, there are many reasons why this is occurring. One possibility is that the device has been hacked.  The simplest way to ensure that your device is not hacked is to change passwords regularly. This prevents others from using the device with your credentials.

Make sure to install security software and VPN for iOS and android devices.

Different Website Appearance:

A few signs that your cell phone has been hacked are changes to the websites you visit, strange messages coming in, and difficulty with apps. If your cell phone is hacked, it might change the website’s appearance on the browser when you try to visit them. Different colors may appear in place of text, images may be modified, or the entire site might be inaccessible.

Unwanted Pop-ups:

Have users been receiving pop-up ads on their cell phones that they can’t seem to stop? They might be hacked. When a hacker has breached your phone’s security, they can easily access and change information on the device. It is possible they may even be able to take over the camera and microphone to spy on people without their knowledge.


One sign that cell phone has been hacked is that the spam filter blocks email messages. This can be tricky to detect, but if users notice inbox messages are not making it to their inbox, this could be a sign.

What Should People Do Avoid Hacking?

One of the most crucial steps that people should take to avoid hacking is to use a VPN. VeePN is the best iOS VPN as it comes with many features. So, hackers can’t get into your device easily. People can get unique VPN features like Kill switch, double VPN, etc., to get more protection.

Secondly, it is also recommended to keep changing passwords at least once a month. Also, people need to set a password that can be challenging for hackers so they can’t crack them easily. Well-reputed antivirus software can also make it challenging for hackers to get into the device.

With these simple steps, users can ensure their safety and protection online. Keep monitoring your smartphone and if you find any signs above, take precautionary measurements and report them.


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