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The Most Popular College Sports

College is a whole new world of endless opportunities for personal development. New knowledge, volunteering, internships, and many other activities are very popular among students. People who think about college as something boring just don’t want to progress and open new opportunities. Participating in college athletics is probably the most popular extracurricular activity among high school and college students. Many students start participating in sports in high school and decide to continue practicing it in college. Most institutions have all the necessary facilities to satisfy all students’ needs and find talented individuals.

Are you looking for a source of motivation to join a college team? First of all, there will be a more appropriate time than now: you’re young, healthy, and full of strength to show amazing results in sports. It’s impossible to believe you don’t want to get into an NCAA Division I team and then play your sport professionally. College athletics gave the sports world plenty of famous athletes. It may be your hobby, but the necessary diligence will transform this activity into your occupation and the way to make money. However, being a successful student remains to be your goal. If you have any difficulties in the educational process, you’re not alone. Follow the example of your counterparts and get assistance on the Internet. Many services let you download any materials you need, from mathematics term paper samples to custom research papers.

Let’s now review what sports are the most popular among college students.

  1. Basketball

People studying in the USA will agree with our decision to place this sport first. However, it doesn’t mean basketball is played only in US colleges. Millions of people worldwide consider this game their favorite and practice it regularly. And a significant part of them are undergraduate students. College team players often hope to get into the NBA. We want to warn all wannabe basketball players: the percentage of people who become NBA players after college is no more than 2%. Basketball requires minimum equipment and maximum skills, so it’s not that easy.

  1. Track and field

Usually, the compilations of the most popular sports contain only team activities. People completely forget about the individual activities many students like. What about track and field? Basketball and other sports often overshadow it, but it doesn’t mean that track and field aren’t played at the intramural level. The standards for college track and field teams are rather high, so it’s not surprising that athletes show outstanding results and participate in pro leagues. UCLA, Stanford, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have the best track and field rankings.

  1. Football

This sport is mainly popular in North America, and it’s still worth being mentioned here. College football is not to be confused with soccer: here we discuss American football. Students in North and even South America. Moreover, football is one of the most viewed sports — it means a lot. Even the dangerous nature of this sport doesn’t scare students. The number of people wishing to join college football teams grows each year, and it’s amazing. More than 40 million fans attend games to support their favorite teams every season.

  1. Tennis

People tend to think that tennis isn’t played at colleges, and its overall popularity is declining. It has long been considered an elite sport, but now we see that college students want to try themselves at something new and choose tennis for this purpose. It may seem that this sport isn’t very active and doesn’t require good physical form, but let’s not judge the book by its cover. Quite the opposite, men and women playing it always look stunning. The most successful athletes get paid well and may even be ranked for Grand Slam tournaments. Participation in at least one of these events shows the level of the athlete.

  1. Baseball

It’s a mistake to think that baseball is played and respected in America only. College students and ordinary people in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Canada, Iraq, Puerto Rico, Australia, and even Panama love it very much. 90% of college baseball players aim to get to MLB and become pro athletes. And many people achieve it indeed. So you shouldn’t get disappointed if your college allows an opportunity to play in a minor league only. Quite the opposite, it should serve as a motivation for you to work hard and go higher.

  1. Lacrosse

It’s a high-contact sport where players try to put the rubber ball into the opponent’s end zone, using a stick. People often confuse it with American football, stating that it’s even more dangerous; however, it’s not true. Lacrosse has something unique in its nature that allows it to attract both new players and spectators. This sport belongs to the most popular ones in Canada, the USA, Australia, and Russia. The good thing is that European and Asian countries picked up the wave and established own lacrosse teams.


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