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The Trendiest Winter Sunglasses

Looking for some new designer shades to rock this winter?

When you think of winter clothing & accessories, sunglasses don’t usually come to mind. That’s a pity because if you love winter, and especially winter sports, you should know how important sunglasses can be! Snow glare is a real problem and it can be dangerous when you’re skiing down a slope or snowboarding down a trail.

We’ve created a list of our top picks for winter-friendly sunglasses. From classic ray-bans to speciality shades made for the snow, we’ve got all the best designer shades that you’ll need to make the most out of this winter season!

If you want to shop for any of the styles on our list while on a budget, then you’re in luck! With a Zenni promo code like this one, you can save on designer sunglasses just by redeeming your coupon code at checkout. Best of all, it’s completely free to use so enjoy your savings on a pair of designer frames!

Don’t forget about sun protection!

Just because it’s wintertime doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Believe it or not but you can even get a sunburn in the winter! Snow and ice reflect up to 80% of the UV rays that reach the ground and that leads to double sun exposure: once when the rays hit the surface and again as they bounce off the ground.

So the next time you’re picking out your next pair of sunglasses for winter make sure you choose a pair that offers adequate sun protection!

Our Top Picks

Top overall pick:

Our top pick for best-all-around winter sunglasses is Ray-ban. Ray-ban is the classic “rock and roll” sunglasses that are so famous they’ve achieved legendary status. But on top of all that style Ray ban sunglasses also offer a surprising amount of UV protection. While they might not be suited for intensive winter sports, they’ll get you through most casual winter activities.

If you want to achieve a full winter vibe, try their aviator sunglasses with golden frames.

Top sports pick:

People serious about their winter sports like skiing, snowmobiling or snowboarding, need to get themselves a pair of Oakleys. Oakley offers a number of shades with polarized lenses that are perfect for combating the bright glare you often find while skiing and snowboarding. You can even have them custom made with your prescription lenses and include features like lightweight frames and Oakley’s cutting-edge Prizm™ Lens Technology.

Want to build your own pair of sunglasses? Oakley offers you the ability to completely customize your own pair of sports sunglasses. Choose everything from the color of the frame to the types of lenses used.

Top easy-to-carry pick:

Emergency sunglasses seem silly until you need them. For when thethosese unexpected bursts of winter sunshine happen, be prepared with a pair of folding Persols. Yes, the same folding Persols made famous by Steve McQueen in his film, The Thomas Crown Affair. Persol makes awesome foldable sunglasses that combine convenience and elegance. Each pair can be folded down the middle and then easily stored in your pocket.

Top stylish pick:

Electric Oak is an up and coming brand that makes slick frames that are small and compact. Eyewear lovers will adore all their handcrafted classic models inspired by vintage frames. We especially love their tortoiseshell frames paired with synthetic polarized green lenses.They even allow you to mix and match the color of your frames and lenses to create your own unique style.

Remember, whichever pair you choose, the only thing that matters is that you wear them with confidence!


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