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Things Your Hair Is Trying to Tell You

Among the first things, other people will notice about you is your hair. While others are all focused on your hair’s new hair colour, its luscious curls, or your grey hair, you might be missing the things it is trying to tell you. Below are some of the things your hair says to you about your health and others.

Grey hair means you are stressed

Stress causes hair to become grey. A study conducted on mice published in the journal Nature states that chronic stress might cause DNA damage and reduce the supply of hair follicle’s pigment-producing cells, contributing to greying hair. Also, hair loss can be caused by stress.

Going grey is a very normal part of growing older since your hair follicles generate less pigment as you age. Dermatologists say that genes play a role in hair turning grey.

 Brittle hair indicates Cushing’s Syndrome

Cushing’s syndrome is an uncommon disorder characterised by too much cortisol, the body’s primary stress hormone. Brittle hair is one of the symptoms. However, it is emphasised that Cushing’s Syndrome manifests itself in various ways, including elevated blood pressure, back pain, and fatigue.

Hair shedding could be a sign of anaemia

If you see a lot of hair in your hairbrush or on your shower floor all of a sudden, it might be an indication that your body doesn’t have enough iron, which would need testing. According to a dermatologist, it’s not understood why low iron might cause hair loss. Still, iron is necessary for numerous biological and chemical activities, including hair development. She adds that if your doctor finds iron deficient, eating more iron-rich foods or taking an iron supplement may assist with hair loss.

But, if you experience hair loss after getting a perm from your hairstylist, it could be due to hair damage. When a perm goes wrong, it will show symptoms like:

  • Hair breakage
  • Scalp irritation
  • Chemical burns
  • Allergic reaction

Hairdressing claims should be filed when damage occurs from inadequate staff training or usage of unsuitable products. Usually, the problems mentioned above happen when chemicals are not tested on the skin or a strand of hair of the client. Do not hesitate to call a personal injury law firm for advice if you notice some of these symptoms after getting a perm. They will guide you after confirming that your situation is eligible for filing a hair damage claim.

Hair loss might mean protein deficiency

For hair growth and health, protein is necessary. A lack of protein has been associated with hair loss and thinning. The British Nutrition Foundation says that, for adults, the daily recommended protein intake is around 0.6g per kilogram of body weight. Protein deficiency in the UK is rare, but there is a possibility that some people might be getting a low amount of protein. Nonfat Greek yoghurt, tilapia, chickpeas, and chicken breast are excellent protein sources.

The health and appearance of your hair have something to say about your health. So take note of these things to watch out for the signs of possible health detriments coming your way.


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