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Top 10 Best Dab Accessories for sale in 2022

If you’re just getting into dabbing THC concentrates, there is a lot to learn about the available dab accessories for sale. There are a ton of different items that can make your dabs better, and we are going to go over the top 10. A lot of these products are inexpensive, and will improve any dabbing setup. A lot of these dab parts have not been around for too long, with some just being released just last year.

Dab torch

The torch lighter is one of the best dab accessories to enjoy while using cannabis using concentrates. The torch lighter is great for prolonged use as it is made of stable materials and includes a refillable container for butane so that it never needs to be replaced. The flame is adjustable depending on your preference or choice of dabbing accessory. The accessory is safe to use without worries of injury as it comes with a flat and stable base. This dab torch has an easy-to-use design to it, and is made from metal. It’s going to last a lot longer compared to a plastic dab torch.

Terp slurpers

Terp slurpers are great accessories for enhancing the cannabis user experience. This dab accessory is great for using every last bit of your product without leaving any behind. Terp slurpers are additional dab accessories placed on rigs or larger bongs to control temperature avoiding too cold or too hot environments – this can destroy the terpenes of your dab and disrupt its natural flavors. This external piece keeps the dab in place and manipulated properly. The terp pearls are designed to spin and help disperse heat more thoroughly during a dab. There is also the pill and ball design, which will slurp the THC concentrate through it. These new types of dab nails are for those flavor chasers! Dabbing will be much more flavorful with Terp slurpers.

Dab Carb Caps

A Carb cap is going to give you more from less of your concentrates. It prevents any from escaping, giving a much bigger dab hit compared to not using one with the same amount. A cool dab accessory that has been expressed in very creative ways are carb caps; these are small glass accessories used in dabbing to keep the main component from dragging in too much cold air. This would disrupt the concentrate and flavors in the dab, so it should be avoided. The cap is placed on the nail to keep all the vapors in, which enhances the intensity. They are usually larger-shaped tops with small, cylinder-shaped tubes protruding out the bottom – this part covers the nail.

Dab mat

A useful dab tool or accessory that should be used is a dab mat. Cannabis dab concentrates are usually in a waxy or thick substance that can very easily result in a messy situation. It can’t be set on a table or paper without causing a sticky mess. Dab mats are useful to keep the product in its natural state without attracting dirt. These mats are usually made from a rubber-like substance.

Dab Thermometer

Cannabis users who prefer to dab will understand that the temperature of the substance is a very important part of the process. If the dab is too cold or too hot, it will not result in a prime experience. Dab thermometers are dab smoking accessories that give you an accurate read on the temperature of the dab before you try to use it, ensuring a good experience every time.

Dab q-tips

Nails and other dabbing accessories that are made of glass or other materials can attract materials from use that stick to the accessory. It is pertinent to use q-tips to help keep your dab nail clean from THC concentrate. Q-tips made of cotton are small, flexible, and soft to keep from damage while ensuring a thorough clean soak up of any warm leftover dabs.

Dab rig cleaners

There are ways to clean dabbing accessories that could work in the short-term, but will end up requiring a deep clean to ensure a good user experience. It is important to use dab rig cleaners every so often to ensure your items are cleaned properly. You can purchase liquid cleaners designed specifically for tools that will keep you from having to scrub items for prolonged periods of time. Simply put these cleaners in your glass, metal, or ceramic tools and watch residue dissolve easily.

Dab Nails

Dab rigs are made up of multiple different pieces to enhance cannabis use with dab concentrate. One such piece are dab nails which consist of a round bowl attached to a downward curved tube and attached to another round tube. The nail is used as an accessory to enhance the THC concentrate intake by heating up the glass itself, which melts and evaporates the substance fully.

Dab rig Mouthpiece

It is important to keep yourself healthy and ensure cleanliness when in situations where you might be sharing dab accessories and tools with others, or when the item has not been cleaned fully. Dab rig mouthpieces are great tools for avoiding inhalation of any damaging substances, or just to avoid inhaling burnt or old dab pieces. These accessories usually have two sizes, one for regular joints and bigger sizes for bongs, rigs, and more.

Dab tools

The best dab tools are going to make your session more enjoyable. The most common dab tools have a picker part, and scooper.

Dab Subscription Box

We suggest trying out one of the dab subscription boxes from the World of bongs online smoke shop for a lot of value. A lot of these dabbing accessories can sometimes be included inside a stoner box. It of course will always vary what you get, nonetheless, there is always a lot more value provided. They even hit 1 on a list of the best 10 stoner subscription boxes last year. Check them out to see why they are ranked one on this list, and many others online.

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