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Top 5 Football Teams of Florida

Thousands of Floridians are fond of watching football. Moreover, it is a state where high school football has been extremely popular for years. If you would like to join one of the teams or just want to watch spectacular football games, this post is right for what you might need. Discover the best high school football teams right here below.

Before You Start

There is nothing new that being a fan and going in for sports require tons of effort. Therefore, many learners fail to have enough time for sports and hobbies. Many students look for various courses to collect more information and complete their high school assignments more effectively. However, you can cope with all your academic issues in a faster and easier way. You can find a reliable solution and pay to get homework done online. This way, you will have enough time to explore the best football teams and enjoy watching fantastic games! By the way, here is a list of the most successful teams with excellent rankings in Florida.

Thomas Aquinas High School

This team has a long history. Founded in 1936, the school’s football club remains one of the leaders in the league. Thomas Aquinas High School can boast of having a team of professional football coaches that are true experts in the game. Currently, the team is headed by a well-known coach Harriet who helped the team win numerous championships. Moreover, this football club is famous for its skilled and talented players, smart games, and spectacular matches. If you would like to join the team, get ready for fierce competition. By the way, it has hundreds of football fans among Floridians.

IMG Academy

Although this team is relatively young, it has already won dozens of championships in the league. It was founded in 2013 in Bradenton, Florida. The IMG Academy is considered a true leader in high school football. Currently, the team’s coach is Kevin Wright, a brilliant professional with expertise in high school and college football. The team has been demonstrating exceptional performance in the last years, becoming even more popular among dedicated football fans. You can join the club of the team’s supporters, too. Those students, who want to join the IMG Academy football club, will need to have a perfect shape along with a deep understanding of football rules.

Cardinal Gibbons High School

This football club is also known for years. Founded in 1961 in Fort Lauderdale, it won the State and District Championships many times. The school has advanced athletics programs, impressive football traditions, and numerous highly skilled and professional players. All the members of the team have a top-notch shape and are dedicated football enthusiasts who want to achieve the best results in the league. Matt Dubuc, the head coach of Cardinal Gibbons High School football team, is known to be a demanding and experienced professional. Not to mention, the club has won an impressive number of over 70 state championships since its foundation.

Seminole High School

If you are looking for a club with outstanding football traditions, Seminole High School might be the one you need. Also known as Sanford High School, its football club was founded in 1902. The team has many expert players in a top-notch physical shape. The coach of the Seminole High School football club is a dedicated football fan and a true expert in the field. The team has the fame of one of the most powerful football teams in Florida. Moreover, it has many prospective and successful players.

American Heritage High School

Located in Plantation, Florida, the school’s team has been known as one of the most striking teams in the league. It won numerous State and District Championships in the last decade and is still amazing its fans with outstanding performance. The team’s coach is a former football player with exceptional experience in playing the game. As for the team members, all of them are skilled and strong players. The football team of American Heritage High School has countless fans in Florida who support their favorite players during matches.


There are many other skilled high school football teams in Florida. For example, Miami Central High School, Trinity Christian Academy, Edgewater High School, and Dillard High School have professional teams with fantastic performances.


The coaches are true experts in football and are trying to do their best to get the highest possible team results. The players are also dedicated professionals who are not afraid to take risks on the field and show off brilliant results. If you want to join one of the teams, make sure you have a proven record of taking part in different football matches before, demonstrate excellent physical shape, and have a burning desire to win. If you don’t meet some of these parameters, it’s easy to become a fan and support your favorite team during matches.



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