Trends in Tech That Can Help Your Business in 2022

META: What’s next for tech? Read on for all the details on what the tech world will look like in 2022.

Technology is affecting everything we do in society nowadays. Everything from where we eat to what music we listen to is informed by the digital age. And like music and art, technology evolves as the years go on, bringing innovation with it.

So, what’s next for tech? Read on for all the details on what the tech world will look like in 2022.

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Once upon a time, a wise unknown inventor created the smart speaker. It was like Iron Man’s JARVIS in every home: you told it your orders and it carried it out. Soon clips emerged online of Alexa being used to deploy “intruder protocols” that turned the lights out and played Ride of the Valkyries to scare possible burglars.

Before we knew it everything was “smart”. AI was the master’s degree of every household appliance, making thermostats, televisions, appliances, lighting and everything in between “smart”.

So, what’s next? Well, with the ever-growing attention on the state of the planet, cities around the globe are converting into smart cities. Moves to integrate more AI into public services have improved public transport, payment services and lowered energy usage. With all this, the cost of living should go down, while quality of life goes up.


Virtual Reality was initially waved away as a passing fad for dedicated gamers, but someday soon you will hear VR on the tip of everyone’s tongue just mentioning daily life.

VR is already revolutionizing the music industry, turning gaming platforms like Fortnite and Roblox into concert stadiums featuring mainstream acts like Lil Nas X and Ariana Grande. There are also experience rooms offering VR experiences complete with gloves and treadmills to let you live out a classic game, a la Ready Player One. Soon you’ll even be betting on your favourite casino games in VR, if you’re not already doing so.

But beyond the entertainment industry offering amazing new experiences for headset wearers, VR is infiltrating office life. There is a lot of talk about the “metaverse”, which would see remote and working from home employees gathering in an online office to conduct meetings and business. Spearheaded by Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the metaverse is looking to be the next advancement in business and should soon be as common as the phrase “I’ve got a Zoom meeting”.


As the world becomes more aware of mankind’s effects on the planet, a lot of small changes are also coming into effect.

You might have already seen the wind turbines that are powering cities across the world, or the solar panels fitted to homes that are creating power out of the sun’s rays, but there are a lot more innovative devices coming to the market that can help out in reducing everyday problems for the planet.

For a start there is the EcoLogic Studio advancement creating “buildings that breathe”. They will create algae-based cladding that can be attached to new or old homes, sucking in the polluted air around it that will then raise up the panels. The algae captures CO2 in the air and releases oxygen out. The algae will continue to grow in the panels and can be harvested for fertilizers, bioplastics and more.

There are also movements like the batteries that get better with age, made of lithium-glass, that will operate at lower temperatures and charging times, and increase in capacity over time.

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