TRUiC Shares Details on Their Innovative Business Name Generator

TRUiC’s name generator for businesses is a fantastic free online tool that companies need to be taking advantage of when looking to produce a new name for themselves. It incorporates sophisticated artificial intelligence instruments to create its suggested names, simultaneously ensuring that the associated domain name is also available (in a .com format) on a daily basis.

It can be an extremely difficult feat to come up with a name for a new business that is both snappy and original. Given the sheer volume of business formations taking place in the US at the moment (i.e. business applications have risen 75% since 2010), it is more than likely this problem is experienced by a great number of prospective small business owners. This article discusses the many reasons to use a business name generator as well as what sets TRUiC’s apart from the others.

Reasons To Use It

Of course, the most obvious reason to use a business name generator is to help company owners overcome perhaps one of the most paramount and difficult steps when registering their business. TRUiC’s tool specifically provides an effective means of overcoming this problem in a way that provides its own subset of reasons for its use.

By entering a few small pieces of information, namely: two keywords associated (that you would be happy with appearing in your name), your business’s industry, and the location your business will be based in. All of this information is necessary if the algorithm is to produce the best possible list of names tailored to you.

Following the input of these details, the generator will promptly return a list containing hundreds of curated names for your business. Your favorites out of these many names can be saved and even stored for later reflection and brainstorming with TRUiC’s heart icon.

The second most important benefit that will appeal to most business owners short on time, is the delegation of the work of creating a name for your business to a third party (let alone at no cost). It’s no secret that entrepreneurs are busy people, they have very limited time which has to be divided between a plethora of important tasks, some of which may not be able to be prioritized over the many painstaking hours of thinking up a name.

Using a name generator will completely remove this task from the equation by producing hundreds of potential names in a second that need only be browsed through.

TRUiC Shares Details on Their Innovative Business Name Generator

What Distinguishes TRUiC’s Generator?

There are many nuances to TRUiC’s name generator that separate it from the masses. Firstly, it offers exceptional privacy. By storing available domains in a private database that is updated daily, TRUiC enables its users to make anonymous searches against this database as opposed to the standard search, which is recorded publicly on a registrar. 

The next key point of difference distinguishing TRUiC’s name generators from the rest is the integration of search engine optimization (SEO) features into its services. This modern form of digital marketing is considered an essential for businesses in this online era where presence and reach is everything.

Search engine optimization determines where a business will rank in the results of a specific search engine (i.e. Google). When a general search is made for a product relevant to your business, good SEO will ensure you appear close to the top and thus attract far more customers than if you were lower down on the list. 

In a concept that builds on the private database of domain names, the associated domain name for a business name that catches your eye will be instantly available for you to secure when you wish. This is because the availability of these names/domain names in the database is checked on a daily basis. 

The final advantage of TRUiC’s service in particular is its coupling with a similar service but for business logos. Users can also access TRUiC’s free-to-use logo maker tool to create the optimal logo for you at the same time as your name. 

Closing Comments

Evidently, there is a very tangible and legitimate interest in the use of business name generators, and due to its superiority to the rest, it is often recommended to opt TRUiC’s service. To access TRUiC’s business name generator, the link to the service has been supplied here.

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