Unique Photo Ideas To Surprise Your Loved Ones

Nothing beats a personalized photo gift to commemorate all the special moments in your relationships. These ideas are perfect for any occasion! This is the right time to start brainstorming ideas for unique gifts to surprise your loved ones.

The following ideas are a mix of DIY and customizable presents you can order online.

Premium Photo Prints

Unique Photo Ideas To Surprise Your Loved Ones


You can choose to gift your loved ones physical prints of your fondest digital memories. It is a timeless and classic gift they can cherish for a long time. The best part is premium prints of photos are fantastic gifts for any occasion. They can be used for birthday gifts, anniversaries, weddings or graduations.

You can always choose the format that pleases you. You can opt for a single large print of an artsy photo that you took. A meaningful moment captured on film and framed. You can even kick out your friend from their apartment and hang polaroids clipped to fairy lights on their wall.

Customized Calendar

A custom photo calendar is a perfect blend of sentimental and practical. At first glance, it might seem too offhand, but with some effort, you can customize the calendar and make it an art piece unto itself.

They are the perfect medium for you to showcase precious memories or artistic photos you’ve taken. As you have the calendar before they are shipped out, you can include minor surprise notations in them like marking a trip you’ve or important dates.

Turn Photo Into A Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle can be a fun way to bring the family together. This is doubly so when the image is a memory that your family cherishes. If you don’t tip your hand, this can be a mystery that the kids can participate in.

You can choose to print out the photo for reference, or you can choose to let them figure it out as the jigsaw puzzle is completed.

A bonus to this gift is that, once it is complete, you can turn the puzzle into a framed photo for your walls.

Photo Printed Fabric

Unique Photo Ideas To Surprise Your Loved Ones


Photo albums and photo prints are a great idea, but if you want a less traditional twist on this, you can look into printed clothes. A photo of your time together can be a great gift, especially on wearables like caps, t-shirts, or hoodies.

A gag version of this gift can feature pictures printed on underwear. Just make sure they get the joke, or this can turn into a punchline for years to come.

If you want to gift baby things to your friends who are parents, you can print them on onesies for the little one.

Crystal Engravings

Crystal engravings are beautiful art pieces that you can use to decorate your home. When the image engraved holds a lot of meaning to you, this makes the crystal more unique to you. This is why they’re the perfect gift.

Crystals are a good choice for display pieces because they can be very personalized. You can choose to engrave not just photos but also words that mean a lot to you, memorable dates or even symbols.

You can let your creativity soar with this gift option.

Photo Notebook Covers

Notebooks with a custom cover are a great gift option for friends in school, writers or even those who like to journal. They’re versatile and highly customizable.

You can run with this present idea in one of two ways. One, you can choose to order custom notebook covers online, or you can DIY this.

If you choose to go the DIY route, you can customize the size of the photo prints you want to put together. You can select the outlay. You can even use Polaroids in conjunction with stickers to spice up your plain notebook covers.

Origami Explosion Box

This one is firmly for the DIY list. This is an uber personal gift with a lot of possibilities. The gift box can hold several images, small trinkets. You can even customize everything from the color of the box to what it contains.

Make it a memorable experience for your loved ones with this explosion box. There are tutorials on how to make the box online. As it can hold a lot of valuables, this can serve as a treasure chest for years to come.

Final Words

With that, we’ve explored the different types of gifts you can give. They run the gamut from silly, quirky to elegant and classic. They can suit all personality types and events. We hope this article sparks some new ideas and plants the seeds for a thoughtful gift.


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