Wedding invitation inspiration: what’s on a wedding card?

A successful and beautiful marriage starts with a beautiful wedding invitation. After you save the date cards that have been sent, the real work begins. You spend weeks looking for a great design, but you don’t know what to put on it. And when should you order the tickets? Find out everything you need to know about creating and sending wedding invitations here. Let this blog be the ultimate source of inspiration for announcing your wedding day. 

When to send?

There is an unwritten rule that. must send the wedding invitations at least six weeks before the wedding. Your guests probably have a busy schedule and want to know the specific timing. If you’re getting married in the summer, send them two months in advance because your guests are sure to make vacation plans.

So start arranging the invitations three months before the wedding. The design phase itself takes about a month. Once the wedding invitations have been designed, you will first receive a proof, which you can then comment on.

The names

Usually, the name of the future bride is placed at the top. And below that, the groom.

The timing

Your guests already know what day the wedding will take place (thanks to the save the dates you sent out), but the exact timing hasn’t been announced yet. Most couples choose to send different cards, for example, for the guests who stay for dinner and those who are only invited to the dance party. They are called the day guests and the evening guests.

It is customary to put the daily schedule on the map. Then your guests know when you say yes, when the cake will be cut and when the dance party will start. This is then adjusted for the evening guests compared to the day guests. Here are some nice examples of such a daily schedule.

Are you planning to set an ‘ end time ‘? Please indicate this on your wedding invitation. This is useful for transporting your guests.

The location

State the location of the wedding and the location of the party very clearly. These locations often differ.

Dress code

Many couples indicate a wedding theme and a corresponding dress code on the card. For example, if you are having a bohemian wedding, it is important that your guests are in the theme. For example, you can also specify a color code.

wedding gift tip

Usually, a gift tip is given on the invitation to a wedding. A large majority then chooses to provide an account number where everyone can deposit a nice contribution. This is not very clear and personal. And we have the solution for that.

you can start an online group gift for your wedding for free, also known as a wedding jar. You share your personal wedding page URL with the invitees, and they contribute online. With their contribution, they can give a nice message and their congratulations.

You can spend the collected money at more than 50 (web) stores or transfer it to an account. You have to take into account 4% of transaction costs. But do not be sad! When you start an online group gift for your wedding, you will receive a gift coin for every contributed dollar. With these gift coins, you can shop in our gift shop!

Wedding invitation inspiration: what's on a wedding card?

wedding invitation inspiration

gold accents

Gold accents on wedding invitations have been in vogue for years, and they continue to do well.

A sparkling wedding

Many couples set up fire sticks at the wedding so that all guests can let the wedding couple shine. It is also nice to put such a fire stick with the wedding invitation and make the card completely in this theme. You can then ask the guests to bring this stick to the party!

let it grow

I once got an invitation that I loved. The card was all floral style and inside, there were three seeds with the message: ‘Plant these seeds in June, and when they bloom in August, it’s time to dance!’ Super original!

Here you can go for elegant beach wedding invitations.


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