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What are Google reviews?

Users from all over the world are constantly leaving reviews of businesses and stores via Google. These reviews come from both individuals and professionals. This is happening more and more often as the importance of these reviews has grown considerably over time. Perhaps you are a business and would like to see your reviews on Google and find out what reviews other people have left about you? If so, keep in mind that Google reviews can impact the reputation of your business.

Understand the concept of Google reviews

Whether it is a store we have visited, a museum, a hotel or a restaurant, reviews play an important role. These reviews are becoming more and more important. So it is something that is generally taken very seriously. These reviews we leave help other users to know later on if the site we left the review on is worth it or not. We may have visited a restaurant that we really liked, whose food we thought was excellent, and we were also treated well.

By leaving a review of this experience, you can help others who are looking for restaurants in the area find a great place to eat. By looking at the positive reviews left by other users, other customers may also visit the restaurant you went to. Google reviews can help businesses attract new customers, especially in areas where tourism is important. Positive reviews can make all the difference in the world.

If the review we left on Google is negative, that also has a big impact. Suppose you went to a place where you had a bad experience, either because of the treatment you received or because of the poor quality of their products or services. With that in mind, you left a negative review on Google. You have shared your experience in the review. In short, you do not recommend this place.

As you can imagine, this can affect the business. This is why some people try to buy Google reviews. However, such practices can have a negative impact.

The more there is, the more potential customers will want to go there. Negative reviews can also help owners appreciate the quality of their offering. In general, if there are more plants than reviews, there may be a lot to review.

How do I see my reviews on Google as a business?

It is in the best interest of establishments to track Google reviews left about them. This can be done both on the computer and by phone. It’s up to you to decide which method you think is best . If you want to check your Google reviews from a desktop computer, you should follow these steps:

  • Access your Google My Business account
  • Go to the sidebar there and look for the Recent Comments option if you want to see the latest reviews received or Comments if you want to see them all.
  • Read the different reviews left about your company.

This can also be seen from a cell phone. For this, you need to proceed in the same way, but with a few extra points.

To discover your Google reviews from your smartphone, you must

  • Connect to your Google My Business account,
  • Find the comments section at the bottom of the screen,
  • To see the complete list of comments, go to the “Clients” section in the menu that appears.
  • Then click on the Comments option.

If you want to respond to a comment or review, click Review and write your response.

Click on the paper airplane icon to respond to this comment or feedback.

Users can also see the Google reviews left for an establishment. If you happen to leave a review about a restaurant, guesthouse, store, or any place you’ve visited, you can see the other customer reviews left after you. This can be done out of curiosity or to see if after your visit, the business has stayed on the same track.

The search engine provides access to this information through Google Maps. You can see a list of reviews that you and other people have left. Just log in to your Google user account. You’ll see how easy it is to access reviews of a business.

It is also possible to manage the reviews. If you have made a review that you are not proud of and you want to change it, you can do so without difficulty. The Google interface offers you several options.

Google reviews are a great way for users to say what they think about a company’s offerings and services. This is also true for a location or any other establishment.


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