What Does a Smile Makeover Consist Of?

Have you ever wanted to makeover your smile? Maybe you want whiter teeth or straightened teeth or to close spaces between your teeth. Smile makeovers usually consist of braces, but which types of braces are available depends on the different issues with your smile.

What Can Be Treated

A general impression is that smiling leads to wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. That’s not true; smiling means that muscles contract around these areas. If you have too much skin in the area around the mouth, it can cause sagging when you smile because this skin has nothing to support it. A full facelift can contribute to a more attractive appearance while also recovering some mobility for expression. Even though many people associate cosmetic treatments with younger individuals, a smile makeover can be a good investment to boost confidence in the workplace or in social settings.

How It Is Done

Smile makeovers include many different types of braces that work in slightly different ways to straighten teeth and close spaces between them. If you have crooked, overcrowded, or just poorly spaced teeth, invisible braces are an option for correcting these problems. These clear brackets attach directly to the front of the teeth, and wires loop around them from behind each tooth, applying gentle pressure to shift them into a straighter position over time. Adults who have crowded teeth but no major spacing issues might prefer Invisalign, which uses a series of trays with smooth surfaces instead of brackets and wire. To get your smile ready for any big event, such as a wedding or graduation, consider getting veneers. A doctor in new smile dental can bond thin shells of porcelain over the front of your teeth to correct flaws and change their color.

What It Costs

The cost of cosmetic dental treatment varies greatly based on the work you need to be done and where you live. Even though many people associate smile makeovers with wealthier individuals, most types of braces are available at low-cost loan plans that allow you to pay for them over time. Typically these payments cover both orthodontic care and general dental expenses, including cleanings and exams every six months so your dentist can monitor your progress. Generally speaking, if you have dental insurance, it will not cover any type of cosmetic treatment. Talk with your employer to see if this option exists on your plan and how much it will cost you.

How long does it take to complete a smile makeover?

A smile makeover can take anywhere from six months to two years. However, this depends on the severity of your smile problems and how quickly you complete essential stages of treatment, such as wearing braces or removing them.

What type of braces are included?

Your dentist can explain all the different types of braces before recommending any for your smile makeover. Most include either traditional metal brackets or clear plastic brackets, which are less noticeable than their metal counterparts. Some people decide to defer treatment until they have enough money to pay for it since this is a large initial expense that can take time to save up for. Speak with your dentist before starting any treatment plan to determine your best options.

What does it feel like having braces on?

When you first get them fitted, some people find their teeth feel sensitive because of the pressure from the brackets and wires pulling them in new directions. You may also experience muscle pain around the jaw if you do not use your mouth enough when talking or chewing, which can lead to some loose teeth, muscle spasms, and other issues. Most of this discomfort goes away after the first few days or weeks of your treatment plan.

What are some side effects?

Depending on how much you smoke, you may experience certain side effects from wearing clear aligners for an extended time. Clear brackets form a seal around each tooth that prevents bacteria from getting in between them and gum tissue. However, this also means avoiding items like candy bars because they can stick to these surfaces and leave unsightly marks around your mouth when you take them off at night before bedtime. This reaction will fade as your braces come off since chewing becomes possible again, but it can be disconcerting for many people who go through with treatment.

What is the best age for having a smile makeover?

Many people decide to wait until they are old enough to understand why braces are necessary before starting treatment. However, if your teeth cause you significant pain or other problems, there is no need to delay since numerous low-cost loan plans exist that can help you afford this type of care. Talk with your dentist about what options are available in your area and how much you can expect to spend on them based on your financial situation.

All in all, a smile makeover can give you the boost in confidence that you’re looking for. Find out more by contacting a cosmetic dentist. They can go over any questions or concerns you have about this type of treatment so you can decide if it’s right for you before making an appointment.


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