What Internal Processes Affect Our Productivity and Motivation

All our desires are controlled by the internal processes in our bodies. So productivity and motivation aren’t exceptions. Not all people want to dive into physiology and psychology to learn about such internal processes. So if you are one of them, this article is for you. Proceed to read it, and you’ll learn about how physiology and psychology influence our productivity and motivation.


In this section, we’ll tell you about physiological aspects. The deal is that it is easier to change yourself knowing physiological secrets rather than psychological, and that’s why we start by explaining such processes. If you skip psychological moments and apply only physiological ones, you’ll become much more fruitful than you’re now. So let’s dive in.

Writing Down Your Thoughts Helps You Find New Solutions

If you write your thoughts in your diary for a long time, you become more productive in finding new solutions for your problem. This is because when writing, you delegate your thoughts to a paper; as a result, your brain gets rid of them and starts filling yourself with new thoughts and reasonings.

Such a trick is useful when you can’t find a solution. Just write all your thoughts — and your brain will become filled with new ones.

But keep in mind that it’s important to write your reasonings, not type in your blog on the Internet or in a notebook on your phone.

Making Long Breaks Helps You Stay Productive

As you know, one of the main principles in physiology is that the excitation phase is replaced by the braking phase and vice versa. So if there is a failure in their alternation, we face problems.

If you always spend time on the same activity, you engage certain brain areas. Such brain areas can’t stay active constantly, and gradually, they lose their ability to work fruitfully. And if we continue to do the same things and solve the same problems, it will lead to a reduction of our effectiveness because our brain areas will be exhausted, and our sources for solving problems will be depleted.

So you should switch from solving one problem to another. And you should take breaks from your work at least one week to even multiple months if it’s possible. It’s good to forget about something that you do daily and focus on a new task for you.

For example, if you’ve worked in writing services, e. g. essaypro, and wrote essays and other papers 24/7 for several months, it’s better to take a vacation and rest for a week to fill up the necessary resources.


Now it’s time to discuss two psychological factors and tricks that you can do to make the results of your work better.

Feeling That You’ll Fail Makes You Fail

So maybe you know about such a trick that we can do with ourselves. If you think that you’ll fail, you’ll fail. And vice versa: if you’re sure that you’ll win, you’ll get the best score, the first place, the best job, and the list goes on.

Such a trick has its explanation. If you say to yourself, ‘I need to win,’ your brain starts searching for solutions for your situation. It starts looking for ways to win. And if you think that you’ll fail, so there is no point in doing your best, your brain doesn’t even try to find ways to win or do your task better.

It’s a good idea to read about Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Such an approach is considered antiscientific because of the lack of evidence that it works. But you can use it because some people apply it successfully. An approach that is bad for one person is good for the second one.

Setting Deadlines Keeps You Productive

Maybe you know about the rule that if you set a day for writing an essay, you’ll write it all day. If you must do it for six hours, you do it for six hours, and in many cases, the quality of both papers is the same. Surprising, right?

This is because when deadlines are approaching, your brain engages all its sources for work; it thinks smarter, and you realize that you don’t have a choice — you just have to do your task in any case.

Likewise, when focusing on your task without distracting yourself by checking social media, your brain thinks actively about it. We’ve already talked about it above.

Knowing that you can use such knowledge to work fruitfully. Just set deadlines and focus on your task during the time before deadlines. By doing so regularly, you’ll notice that your productivity has increased.

Final Thoughts

So we’ve told you about some factors that impact our motivation and productivity. The deal is that you have to turn them into habits as there is no point in applying them from time to time. For example, social media addiction is stronger than us, so you have to control yourself and be on the alert constantly.


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