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What Recent Twitch Hack Teaches Us About Cybersecurity

In the world of cyber security, information leak is a very serious matter. An information leak can occur when a company does not have tight enough control over the data they store and share on their servers. This allows hackers to steal all of that company’s data and use it for illegal or malicious purposes. It also leaves the company at risk of being hacked by other parties.

In the past few days, Amazon’s branch, Twitch, was under cybersecurity attack. Data, involving the entirety of Twitch source code, information about clients and future Amazon”s products, and a list of Twitch payouts was leaked on a popular internet forum.

This made a lot of people wonder if their information is really secure, even with giant corporations. It’s impossible to foresee the next security breach in a big company and people shouldn’t give too much personal information to them. Luckily, there are a few safety measures that can be taken.

How Not to Get Hacked

You should always be on your toes while online. Here are just a few suggestions for avoiding being hacked or your business’s data leaking.

Change Passwords

You can help avoid hacking by changing passwords at least once a month. A hacker is not going to be able to steal your information if they don’t have the password. You will also want to make sure that you are using strong passwords. If you are on a shared computer, you shouldn’t forget to log out of the said computer. This way, you can avoid any of your information being stolen.

Remember: The Company’s Property is Untouchable

Allowing others to view and even edit files and documents on a company’s cloud may be risky business in today’s cyber world. Hackers will sometimes create fake or illegitimate accounts so they can access the portal and view your unsecured information. This type of information is usually classified and should be held under the highest levels of security.

Use Safe Payments Methods

Now, more than ever, it’s important to use a safe payment provider. Companies like PlixPay offer er-wallets that can store your money in many currencies and also provide necessary security measures. By doing this, you can stay one step ahead of any potential attacks.

Invest in Cloud Storage

You will also likely not be hacked if you are on a paid subscription for your cloud storage. If hackers don’t get anything out of it, they won’t waste their time trying to break into it and cloud storages are one of the hardest things to hack.

Cybersecurity is a very serious matter and, unfortunately, it seems like no company is safe from cyberattacks. But there are ways to avoid being hacked or your data leaked if you do get attacked. You should always be on the lookout for security breaches and hacking attempts.


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