Where Does Florida Stand on Sports Betting? The State Is Moving Forward With Legal Sports Betting as the Other States in the Us Are Going Live With Sports Betting

Residents of Florida enjoy betting on sports at OnlineBettingFL.com. However, the legal status of sports betting in Florida is now under question. It all changed when the federal judge had overturned the compact on gambling that Florida had the tribe called Seminole. 

Why did this change occur, and where does this place Florida on the map of legal sports betting? We’re here to answer these questions and help you get a brighter picture of what Florida residents can expect in the future regarding the legal status of sports betting.    

Florida’s drawback on legal sports betting  

The federal judge of Florida overturned Florida’s compact with the Seminole tribe under the explanation that their betting plan directly violates the constitutional gambling law and the federal Indian law. The US District Judge, Dabney Friedrich, placed online sports betting on halt this year on the 1st of November.

Even though online sports betting is overly popular in Florida, the Washington D.C. judge, Dabney Friedrich, stated that this type of gambling using tribal servers isn’t in line with the IGRA terms, not the Gambling Regulatory Act.

Ever since there was a complete shut-off of online sports betting through Seminole Tribe’s servers, and outside the land of the Seminole Tribe, sports betting is now viewed as “legal fiction,” which places Florida in the position to take a step back with its online gambling sprees.

Moreover, if the authorities continued to allow such online gambling, online betting through tribal servers would greatly affect online gambling operations based strictly in Florida. Therefore, we can only hope that Florida residents will get out of the government’s loophole.

The only thing Florida residents who are fond of online gambling can do is create a petition with enough signatures and revive the limitless status of online gambling in Florida through tribal servers. Let’s see where does Florida stands now and what we can expect the future to bring.      

Where does Florida stand on legal sports betting?

The compact that Florida had with the Seminole Tribe was a 30-year compact and was supposed to increase online sports betting revenue in Florida for over $2.5 billion in the next five years. Quite a promising compact for the online gambling world, right?

As the government halted the compact, DeSantis stated that he expected the government to appeal that ruling soon. However, the state governor added that they stay firm on the decision, as sports betting through the Seminole Tribe’s servers is seen as a legal issue with a great unsettling tone by the local government. 

Also, the governor added that the state didn’t show any indications to place effort on reviving the legal status of sports betting in Florida. DeSantis called the Florida residents to action by stating that the appeal to return to betting through tribal servers could be approved by the government if people collect enough votes for the constitutional amendment.

Now there are three measures regarding gambling under process. There should be 900,000 signatures for them to work out a petition. Christina Johnson, the Education Champions in Florida spokesperson, stated that this is the perfect timing to take action, for the people to come together, and for Florida to have a legal gambling market again.

The residents of Florida who are fond of online betting and gambling can only hope for the best. 

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