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Will online casinos come to the state of Florida in 2022?

As is the case with most states in the US, online gambling laws are mightily confusing in Florida. For example, when assessing the in-person gambling options, they’re vast at tribal casinos. People can visit these types of casinos and play table games and slot machines, for instance. Whereas when it comes to online gambling, it isn’t permitted unless you’re visiting an offshore provider. 

The aforementioned legalisation at tribal casinos is due to a recent Florida online gambling bill which made online gambling legal for the Seminole Tribe, with its people able to place bets on sports and introduce new games at land-based casinos, but online casino games, similar to those available at a  Bitcoin Casino,  are only accessible at offshore casinos. Therefore, gaming at an online casino isn’t technically permitted, but it is most definitely possible. 

The agreement reached between the state and the Seminole Tribe to legalise sports betting was momentous in many respects but, despite being approved by the Florida Senate and House of Representatives among others, it hasn’t resulted in more changes to Florida’s largely outdated gambling laws, namely the introduction of Florida-based operators. Until that time comes, below is a look at some things to keep in mind while gambling in Florida. 

What is the gambling age in Florida? 

The legal gambling age in Florida is 21, that’s whether you’re planning on attending a land-based casino to play table games or sample an array of slot machines. However, it is legal to play poker from the age of 18. Legal sports betting, on the other hand, is being introduced to Florida soon and is expected to be available for those over the age of 21. It’s all a bit confusing still, isn’t it? 

One thing that isn’t confusing, though, is the array of offshore online gambling sites in Florida and how to access them. For starters, you only need to be 18 to sign-up to one and experience its diverse range of games. Then, from there, many operators reward you along the way with free spins and a variety of bonuses which make gaming at an online casino a worthwhile experience. 

Can I gamble with real money? 

Despite the rise of social casinos offering free games, people in Florida are enjoying gambling online with their hard-earned cash. This is expected to grow further when sports betting is finally legalised in the state but it is still occurring these days as people game at the huge selection of offshore sites which are accessible within Florida’s borders. 

What are the popular deposit options? 

With Florida not allowing online gambling, it can often be challenging depositing money from a Floridian bank account into an online casino account. As such, people are turning to alternative options to deposit funds, namely with cryptocurrency, e-wallets, or credit cards. These methods are generally easy to use and enable players to have an authentic online casino gaming experience.

Hopefully, in time, gaming at online casinos will be more straightforward for the people of Florida.

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