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17 Australian women and children return from Syrian camp

Canberra – Four women and 13 children held in Syrian camps since the Islamic State group’s collapse in 2019 are the second Australians to be repatriated from the war-torn country. Grouped. Families pose a domestic security risk.

In confirming the latest group’s arrival in Sydney, Home Secretary Claire O’Neill said the newcomers would be subject to “law enforcement action” if the police and security services counter-terrorism investigative team found evidence of a crime. He said he could face it.

Mothers who were partners with Islamic State supporters could face continued controls, such as ankle monitors and curfews, or were found guilty of entering the former Islamic State stronghold of al-Raqqa in Syria. may be prosecuted for

“In line with national security advice, the government carefully considered a range of security, community and welfare factors in making the repatriation decision,” O’Neill said in a statement.

Australian authorities had rated the group as the most vulnerable of the 60 Australian women and children held in Alroy camp in northeast Syria.

The eight descendants of the two Australian Islamic State fighters killed are the only other group repatriated by Australia from Syrian camps. Children and grandchildren of combatants were returned by the previous Australian government in 2019.

Opposition Home Affairs spokesman Karen Andrews explains to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese what steps have been taken to ensure the wider Australian community is safe from potentially radical arrivals I asked.

“The Albanian government’s actions in risking the lives of Australians to remove women and children from Syrian refugee camps are inexcusable. The risk is now on the Australian community here,” said Andrews. rice field.

Albanese said he would follow all safety advice regarding what risks women and children pose, but did not disclose what the advice was.

“Our number one priority is keeping Australians safe,” Albanese said.

Sydney resident Kamale Daboucy said after years of lobbying the government to return her daughter Mariam and her three children, the reunion in a Sydney hotel room was emotional.

“It’s been an overwhelming, fun day,” Dabussy told reporters.

“There were hugs and tears. It was such an emotional moment,” he added.

Dabboussy said what happened next to the mother and children would be up to authorities who are now interviewing the women.

The US, Germany, France, UK, France, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium and Canada have already repatriated their citizens from Syrian camps.

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https://www.local10.com/news/world/2022/10/29/17-australian-women-children-return-from-syrian-camp/ 17 Australian women and children return from Syrian camp

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