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3 Things to Consider When Getting Fireplace Screens (and Some FAQs about Them)

A fireplace screen protects your home against sparks and embers when you light up your fireplace during the winter season. It also acts as an additional barrier to the firebox. Whether what you have is a gas fireplace or a wood-burning one (or both), it is still best to install a screen for it.

There are plenty of options to select from when it comes to fireplace screens. Whether you want a simple and practical yet functional fireplace screen or a high-end option that styles the space, there is one available for you. Single panels, folding screens, doored screens, and bowed ones are all part of the options.

While the majority of the selections are made out of metal, you can still opt for a screen that uses other types of material. Keep in mind that the material used will affect how heavy and easy the screen is to move.

It’s also necessary to choose the proper fireplace screen for safety reasons. If you have nosy and curious children and pets around your fireplace, you will have more safety concerns to consider even if a fireplace screen already offers an additional barrier to keep sparks and burning logs away from you.

When buying a fireplace screen, there are a few things to keep in mind.


Single panel, folding, bowed or curved, and those with doors are some of the most common designs of fireplace screens available in the market. To know which style to choose, you need to know how each style functions. A single panel design fireplace screen, for instance, might fit tightly against the fireplace opening if you have a tiny hearth. A fireplace screen with doors is an excellent alternative if you need frequent access to the fireplace to add logs, tend the fire, or sweep up ashes. A glass fireplace screen is a popular choice for protecting against sparks without interfering with the fireplace’s visual appeal to enjoy the full effect of the fireplace and its flames.


Due to its resilience to heat and flames, most people buy creative metal fireplace screens. Although it is heavier than steel fireplace screens, cast iron is a durable and massive alternative.

Steel fireplace screens are lighter and easier to transport, which may be a benefit when cleaning or storing the screen. However, if you prefer a fireplace screen that won’t be knocked over or moved by children or dogs, choose a solid, more substantial version. Glass fireplace screens protect you from sparks while allowing you to enjoy the flames, although they do block some of the heat that the fireplace emits.


Sparks might fly out of the fireplace as moisture or resin is released from the logs in the fire. Opt for a fireplace screen that is high and wide enough to protect people, pets, and objects in close proximity from sparks and flames. Essential protection may be provided by both wire mesh and solid panel fireplace screens. The stability of the fireplace screen is another vital safety concern if you have youngsters or small pets. Help the screen maintain its stability by looking for a model with legs, as well as a curved or foldable type with a wide base.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fireplace Screens

  • How do I keep a fireplace screen in place?

There are many fireplace screens that are self-supporting and do not require any additional installation. In order to provide a stable base for the screen, position the legs or unfold the screen. If you choose a sliding fireplace screen, such as mesh fireplace curtains, or a box-like screen such as a spark catcher, you will probably need to drill holes in your fireplace lintel or façade to hold it.

  • How to clean a fireplace screen the better way?

 Cleaning your fireplace on a regular basis is just as necessary as it is to clean your screen. Follow these procedures to clean soot and ash from your fireplace screen.

  1. Take the fireplace screen out of the fireplace and set it on an old towel.
  2. Scrub carefully with a soft bristle brush after using a gentle household cleanser or a tablespoon or two of dish soap in a pail of water. If you scrape too aggressively, you risk damaging the finish. A sponge could be an ideal tool for cleaning glass fireplace screens.
  3. Rinse the fireplace screen thoroughly once all residue has been removed.
  4. Before replacing the screen, let it air dry or use a soft cloth to remove any remaining moisture.
  • Is a screen required for a gas fireplace?

It’s still necessary to use a fireplace screen even if there is no possibility of sparks or embers escaping from a gas fireplace. Behind this are several reasons. It acts as a second line of defense for children and pets and also a screen prevents flammable things from winding up in your wood-burning fireplace if you have a gas log set.

You might assume you don’t need a fireplace screen if you have a ventless gas fireplace with a glass front. The glass face of the gas fireplace, on the other hand, can get very hot. A fireplace screen protects you from getting burned so it is definitely important to get one.


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