4 Reasons to Use a Game Ready Ice Machine

As a soccer player, you are involved in intense exercise daily. This includes sprinting, pitch-based running, interval training. You kick the ball many times within a short time. These exercises can lead to a build-up of lactate and soreness within your muscles. The repetitive motions can cause a lack of range of motion, which is important for a soccer player’s performance. For effective performance, the legs of a soccer player must be well taken care of. In that regard, below are four reasons why you should use a game-ready ice machine as a soccer player.

Cold Compression Therapy

It combines two elements of the first aid techniques. That is, active pneumatic compression with cold therapy. Cold therapy distributes alternating pressure, which removes edema and reduces swelling. The improved circulation with irregular pressure promotes and fastens tissue healing and tissue quality. The decrease in temperature reduces pain by compressing blood flow.

Game Ready Offers Therapeutic Power

Game ready offers innovative and multi-modality recovery systems that help soccer players finish strong. The innovative multi-modality dual-user Med4 Elite integrates iceless cold, heat contrast, and compression therapies. It decreases pain and swelling, hence reducing opioid consumption. It also works to reduce muscle and joint stiffness and increases blood circulation to the area under treatment.

Dual-Action, Circumferential Wraps

Game ready’s dual-action easy-to-use wraps enable integrated no-mess therapy. The circumferential coverage ensures a better fit, more comfort, and effective treatment. The dual-action wraps provide optimal coverage and better surface contact. This makes it more effective for cold/hot and compression therapies. Game ready wraps are available for major body parts and in different sizes and shapes. This makes injury treatment easy and accessible to soccer players.

Hastening Injury Recovery

A Game ready ice machine from Source Fitness boosts recovery from injury without the need for medical treatment. In addition to physical therapy, game ready has rehabilitative benefits. The ability to offer simultaneous cold and compression makes the most out of treatment time available. When a player has sustained an injury, reducing pain and swelling are important first steps in treatment. Game ready provides products that serve those purposes to get the player back to the field on time. This reduces dependence on opioids, which can be highly addictive. Soccer players and athletes are advised to opt for this machine therapy in maintaining their field fitness. Research shows that a game ready ice machine provides faster, deeper, and longer-lasting therapy compared to other products. The benefits of game ready are beyond listing.

Getting an injury should no longer stop you from playing soccer.  Now you know the number one option to be your best self again after that injury or surgery. A Game ready ice machine has many uses and purposes. From cryo-caps for head injuries to wraps for arms, legs, and backs. Game ready cold and compression therapy are also used in the treatment of other ailments. These include; migraines, Thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel, and post-knee replacement surgery.  A Game ready ice machine is the choice for you as a soccer player that you will never regret.

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