4 Social Media Content Creation Mistakes to Avoid

In the wake of COVID, 81% of people are spending more time on social media. In some cases, they surf for upwards of 9 hours! If you’re trying to advertise online, social media content is an avenue that you absolutely can’t ignore.

If you’ve been sinking time or money into your content creation and haven’t been seeing the results you’re looking for, you’re probably making some mistakes.

To help you out, we put together this guide to common social media marketing mistakes! Read on to learn how to fix them!

  1. You’re Not Researching¬†

If you’re not conducting research on content creation, how to reach your target audience, and industry trends, you’re missing out. It’s not enough to simply get your content in front of people, it has to be relevant and encourage viewers to act.

A smart content creator will take the time to figure out what kind of advertising works, how they can use their content to meet their customers’ needs, and how to optimize their marketing content.

You can read more on that in this blog.

  1. You Fail to Engage

If you’re going out to dinner, and your waiter simply drops your dishes in front of you before walking away, you’re not going to have a good feeling about the restaurant. But, if your waiter answers your questions with wit and professionalism, you’ll probably have a much better experience.

The same is true when you’re courting prospective customers. Reply to comments and messages in a timely and friendly manner.

Think about your posts as conversation starters with customers! Then, keep up the conversation to build community engagement.

  1. You Post Too Much or Not Enough

It used to be that social media coaches advised posting as much as possible to ensure that lots of people were seeing your message. This is no longer the best strategy, but many businesses still cling to it.

If you post too much, you risk looking desperate and spamming your customers. But, you don’t want to post too little or no one will see your content!

It’s best to post once a day or so. Conduct a bit of research about the best times to post on each social media platform, and publish one or two pieces of professional content every day.

  1. You Don’t Use Original Pictures

When swiping aimlessly through social media, boring and unoriginal pictures are ignored. You want your business content to stand out so your customers stop and admire it.

Create unique, individual graphics that help attract the attention of your viewers. Try to make a variety of simple, eye-catching images and cycle through them.

Take Your Content Creation to the Next Level

Quantity over quality is not the best practice anymore. Instead, refined, calculated content creation will help propel your marketing campaign to the next level. Start with these marketing tips and you’ll be sure to notice the improvement in your metrics!

For more of the latest news in marketing and business strategies, check out our blog!


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