6 Best Weekend Getaways In Florida

We have heard and read so much about Florida but one thing is certain it is a year-round destination and ideal for weekend getaways. Besides the limitless coastline, you also get a wide choice of beautiful beach towns and the big cities to start exploring. With favorable weather and an ideal vacation spot, Florida is also very affordable. These are only a few factors that make it attractive for people to visit.

Whether you have been to Beacon Lake, one of the best places to live in North Florida, or reside in South Florida, some locations are a must-visit. Since the world is finally opening to tourism, there are several weekend gateways you can consider taking across Florida. Let us take a look at them.

  1. The Palm Beaches

Palm Beaches is one destination ideal for individuals of all ages and people of all budgets. You can choose to enjoy a luxury stay or opt for a budget-friendly stay and make the most of your weekend. There are many luxury resorts and boutique hotels located close to the shops and restaurants. You may want to consider the Underwater Snorkelling Trail at Phil Foster Park to make the most of snorkeling in Florida. It is also a great place to spot octopuses, fishes, and eagle rays.

  1. Cocoa Beach

If you want to enjoy a beach vacation while making the most of nature, Florida is the place to be. Cocoa Beach is one of the best destinations for the sun, sea, sand, and surf. You get to enjoy the pretty beaches while you get access to nature. It does not have a lot of luxury life here but you can certainly check out the newly opened hotels for a classic vibe. Consider driving to Titusville where you can head into the Lagoon and enjoy kayaking. It is also a good place to enjoy the rocket launch if there is one scheduled.

  1. Orlando

Known for theme parks, Orlando attracts tourists throughout the year. The theme parks are fully open but there is a limited capacity at some of the attractions during peak times. This is just one reason to take a trip to the city. A lot of travelers do not understand that Orlando is so much more than park-hopping. You can check out the bricked streets of the neighborhood, or head to the art-focused Alfond Inn and see a unique side of the city. Lake Eola Park is a site of the weekly Sunday farmers market which is lively with a canopy of live oak trees and a beer garden.

  1. Panama City

The best place to visit during the spring break is Panama City Beach. A Panhandle revelation home to the Oyster Trail, it has several restaurants that offer fruits of the local Gulf and also a Mural Trail. It is less than a five-hour drive from cities including New Orleans, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Birmingham, the Panama City is a historic downtown with easy access to the nearby beaches. Panama City is also one of the great places to live in Florida. Do visit the nearby Historic St. Andrews, which is only ten minutes away. It is a fishing village with waterfront restaurants and is a highly Instagrammable place. Panama City remains at the top of the must-visit locations and it attracts people from across the world. It is usually a part of every traveler’s itinerary and it never disappoints.

  1. Jacksonville Beaches and St. Augustine

The Jacksonville Beaches comprise of many laid-back communities and it is also the first major beach resort area you reach when you head south on the Interstate-95.  The Atlantic Beach is home to the most luxurious resorts and miles of dunes. Every third Thursday of the month, there is a monthly Art Walk at Neptune Beach and the Atlantic Beach which is an ideal outdoor setting.

  1. Marco Island and Naples

When you move south from Fort Myers, there lies the area of Naples and Marco Island which make up the Paradise Coast in Florida. It has a tropical feel due to the mangroves and offers several places to see. You are also close to the most renowned wilderness in the area in the U.S. which is the Everglades National Park.

Florida is one destination that has a lot to offer. Whether you are traveling with kids, family or on a solo trip, you will not be disappointed with the stunning destination. You can easily find the best locations, delicious food, and ideal weather. Plan a weekend getaway keeping your preferences in mind and make the most of the destination. You can head to a new location every weekend and you will still find a lot of new places to explore and things to do.

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