8 dead in Texas outlet mall shooting

Allen, Texas – Hundreds of terrified shoppers panicked and killed by nearby police officers after gunmen climbed out of a silver sedan and opened fire at a Dallas-area outlet mall, killing eight and injuring seven. It was

Saturday’s shooting in Allen, Texas, was the latest eruption in a long run. Unprecedented pace of genocide in the US Barely a week ago, officials Man kills five people in Cleveland, Texasafter a neighbor asked him to stop firing weapons while the baby was asleep.

Police did not immediately provide details about the victims at the Allen Premium Outlets, a sprawling outdoor shopping center, but witnesses reported that children were among the victims. He said he also saw an officer and a security guard at the mall appear to be unconscious on the ground.

Sixteen-year-old Maxwell Gumm, a pretzel stand employee, described a virtual rush of shoppers. He and others took refuge in a storage room.

“We started running. The kids were being trampled,” Gumm said.

A dash cam video circulating online showed the gunman getting out of the car and firing at people on the sidewalk. More than three dozen gunshots were heard as the vehicle recording the video drove away.

Allen Fire Chief Jonathan Boyd said seven people were killed at the scene, including the shooter. Nine victims were taken to local hospitals, two of which he died.

Boyd said three of the injured were in critical condition during the evening and four were in stable condition.

Officers from the Allen Police Department were in the area on an unrelated call when they heard gunshots at 3:36 p.m., the department wrote on Facebook.

“Cops engaged the suspect and neutralized the threat. He then called emergency personnel,” the post said.

Mass murders have occurred with alarming frequency in the United States this year. database It is maintained by The Associated Press and USA Today in partnership with Northeastern University.

The White House said President Biden was briefed about the shooting in Allen and the administration provided assistance to local officials.Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott signing the law Relaxing gun laws after past mass shootingscalled the shopping mall shooting an “unspeakable tragedy.”

A live broadcast from a news station showed armored trucks and other law enforcement vehicles outside the mall. In the city of about 105,000 residents about 25 miles (40 kilometers) north of downtown Dallas, more than 30 police cars flashed their lights to block entrances and ambulances were dispatched to the scene. Did.

A video shared on social media showed people running in a parking lot amid gunshots.

Fontaine Payton, 35, was at H&M when she heard gunshots through her headphones.

“It was so loud it sounded like it was right outside,” Peyton said.

Before an employee ushered the group into the fitting room, the people in the store were scattered and then ushered into a lockable back room. I saw that it was broken and there was a blood stain all the way to the door. Abandoned sandals and bloody clothes were nearby.

Once outside, Peyton saw a dead body.

“I hope you’re not a child, but you looked like a child,” he said. The body was covered with a white towel and lay on the ground in a bag. “I was heartbroken when I went out to see it.”

Further in the distance, I could see the body of a fat man all dressed in black. Peyton said it was uncovered, unlike other corpses, so he surmised it was the shooter.

Tarakuram Nunna, 25, and Ramakrishna Murapdi, 26, said they saw three people appear motionless on the ground, including one suspected police officer and one suspected mall security guard.

Another shopper, Sharky Mouri, 24, said he was hiding in Banana Republic during the shooting. I saw him lying next to an unconscious person.

“I saw a man with his gun lying right next to him and like he was passing out right next to him.”

Stan and Mary Ann Green were browsing at a sportswear store in Columbia when the shootings began.

Mary Ann Green told the Associated Press:

According to the Greens, employees exited a security gate and led everyone to the back of the store until police arrived and escorted them.

Ever Romero was at an Under Armor store and the cashier said there was a shooting.

As he left, Romero said. That’s when he started seeing broken glass and gunshot victims on the shopping center floor.


Associated Press writers Gene Johnson of Seattle and Adam Kealoha Cozy of Dallas contributed to this report.

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