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A 10-year-old uses pocket money to buy shoes and donate to one charity

Tallahassee, Fla. (WTXL) — Ten-year-old Monica Holden saw many shoes at Clearance when she was with her grandmother, Mary Holder. She wanted to use her own pocket money to buy her shoes, but she wasn’t for herself.

“We were shopping for laundry soap and she was like, ‘Oh my god, it’s only a dollar.’ But she said, ‘But it will suit a lot of people,’ and she wanted to have as many as she wanted,” Holder explained.

Holder posted a photo of her granddaughter wearing nearly 15 pairs of shoes she purchased. Living Tallahassee’s Facebook Group Ask for recommendations on where to donate them. She decided on her Making Miracles Group Home to help homeless women get back on their feet.

Debra Harris, director of Making Miracles, describes how she felt when Monica and her grandmother showed up with a bunch of shoes.

“This little girl comes up and just says she’s going to pay me to buy her shoes. It’s been great,” Harris said.

Harris shares what it means to see such a young girl commit such a selfless act.

“When you think about it, this is a little kid, maybe he’s at home jumping rope or playing with dolls, but he wants to do something for other people and he really wants to do that.” I’m all in awe because I don’t know,” Harris said.

When I asked Monica about spending money on shoes for others instead of spending money on herself like ice cream, she said that donating shoes has always been to her. Said it would last a long time.

“They’re like memories, they’ll last longer than the ice cream, the earrings, the toys, etc.,” Monica explained. is.”

Monica shares advice for other kids her age.

“Always choose kindness. You don’t always have to take what you give,” she said.

A lesson she learned from her grandmother.

“I’m surprised she would say that,” Holder said. “I try to help as much as I can. I always tell my kids to choose kindness.”

If you would like to donate to Making Miracles Group Home, please contact their Facebook page for more information.

https://www.wtxl.com/news/local-news/10-year-old-uses-allowance-money-to-buy-and-donate-shoes-to-making-miracles-group-home A 10-year-old uses pocket money to buy shoes and donate to one charity

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