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A Student’s Guide: Who Can Write an Essay For You

Nowadays, students like you have a lot on your plate. From research papers to class reports, you can feel overwhelmed thinking about how you can finish all of them on time. The sad part is that even if you manage your time well, your tasks will seem endless. No wonder, at some point, you might have asked who can write an essay for you.

While other people believe that they can do everything independently, it is also good to seek help. After all, the saying, “No man is an island,” is accurate. Asking for help from others does not entirely show weakness. Sometimes, it shows how you value your physical and mental health instead of working to the point of exhaustion. If you need help with your school works, you can read five different ways to get essay help below.

A Student’s Guide: Who Can Write an Essay For You

Look for Professional Writing Services

Do you always ask yourself, “If not me, who else can write my essay or do my research?” If yes, remember that you are not alone. Because many students struggle with their school works, too, custom writing services are now in demand. You can search for them online, and you will see a lot of companies offering varied services. They can work on different projects, such as book reports, theses, dissertations, and even slide presentations. Whether you are a high school, undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate student, they have someone to help you.

However, it would help if you are careful in choosing a company that will do any of your projects. You must do prior research about them to help you make an informed decision. To select the best writing services, you need to consider some criteria. These are their roster of writers, price range, customer service, guarantees, and client reviews. You can get more information about any essay writing service companies through reviews from their websites or online forums. Indeed, their feedback will already give you an idea about the other criteria mentioned. So, you need to take your time researching them before paying them. Once you already have a trustworthy company, you will keep coming back.

Hire a Freelance Writer

Besides looking for professional writing services, another option you can consider is hiring freelance writers. They are professionals who handle writing projects from time to time. You can ask your friends’ referrals if they have worked with any freelancer before. This way, they can already vouch for the quality of their work. If your friends do not know anyone, you can also search for them online. They usually include their credentials on their page so that potential clients will know their credibility. This information will help you decide whether the freelancer is capable and available to work on your project.

Like any service or product, this also has pros and cons. One advantage is that you have more liberty to give instructions if you want their work to match your writing style. Also, you can ask for a lower rate compared to the ones offered by companies. Lastly, you know their complete credentials, so you can use this as a basis for choosing them. However, the disadvantage of this is that you might not read much information or reviews about them. Because they are not tied with any company, you do not have a money-back guarantee option.

Get Help From A College Student

If you need some help but have a tight budget, you can consider paying a college student instead. If you need a high school-level essay, they are the right ones who can work on it. They might still be familiar with some activities or materials that are given to high school students. For example, you need to submit a paper about a book, but you did not quite understand it. You know that they can help you because they are already familiar with it. They can also use their old resources or outputs as a reference to do your project.

Moreover, they will not ask for a hefty fee because they are not yet professionals and have not earned enough credentials. Lastly, you can help them make some money on the side that can help them pay some bills or fees. Not only did they help you, but you also helped them. However, you must choose the most suitable person to do your project, too.

Hire a Professional Writer

Among the options, this might be the last thing to consider if you only need a school essay done. At first glance, it might seem the best, but it can be impractical if you do not have much budget. Because they are already professionals, they might ask for a higher rate than you can afford. Also, it might be difficult for you to look for the most suitable person unless you already know someone.

However, hiring professional writers is a better choice if you need a college application essay. Their expertise and experiences will serve as an edge so that you can submit a high-quality paper. Because your future is at stake, you need someone to make sure that you get into your dream school through your essay.

Take Help From Friends

Last but not the least option is the closest people around you — your friends. Besides asking for their referrals, you can ask them, “Could you write an essay for me?” You might feel more comfortable asking them to do your project because they are your friends. However, you should also confirm if they are not busy with any school work. As a friend, you do not want them to put off their assignments ahead of yours. You should be considerate of whatever response they will give you. If they agreed, you could ask them this favor politely. If they don’t, you can still go to your other friends. Also, you can still seek help while you are drafting. They might not do the essay themselves, but they can give you guidance or tips to finish your work. Or better yet, consider the choices mentioned above so that this will not harm your relationship with your friends.

In conclusion, you have several choices to note when you cannot write your essay yourself. You can avail yourself of essay writing services, hire freelance or professional writers, or pay college students or your friends. Whichever you choose, you should always weigh their pros and cons. Also, consider your needs and budget because you are going to pay after all. Lastly, it would be better to use their works as a reference and not your final output.

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