A teacher in Florida is under investigation for showing his students the movie ‘Strange World’.florida

Florida education officials allegedly told a school teacher that her friend was under investigation for misconduct after showing students Disney’s animated film Strange World.

The purported investigation into the Strange World screening allegations comes amid attacks on educators by right-wing Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. book censorship And as he races for the party’s presidential nomination on an “anti-awakener” issue, the debate over race and gender has its limits.

“A friend showed Disney’s ‘Strange World’ in a classroom in Florida and a student reported it to her parents. She is now under investigation by the state,” Carl Gee said. tweeted May 11th. “Florida is not safe for teachers. Please do not move here.”

The film features a group of explorers trying to save a “mysterious land from losing its vital energy source.” By breed.

Gee attached a photo of a letter from the Florida Department of Education, stating, “Upon receipt of your complaint, the Department of Education has determined that an investigation into allegations that you engaged in inappropriate conduct is warranted.” said.

“If you have any evidentiary witnesses or documents related to the case, please forward them to this office no later than two weeks after receiving this letter,” the alleged letter continues. CBR.com first reported From Jee’s tweet.

The alleged letter did not list any specific allegations against the teacher. The Florida Department of Education did not respond to a request for comment.

In response to a Twitter user who said teachers who broke the law would be investigated, Gee wrote: “She has signed permission from all the parents in the classroom to show Disney and DreamWorks movies in her class, and she even has a line to designate a parent for a particular movie. I didn’t want to show it. No exceptions have been recorded, so she has not broken the law. Try again, you idiot. ”

The news of the alleged investigation is consistent with the concerns of teachers in Florida that they are being hampered and intimidated by new laws promoted by DeSantis. He claimed “yes” without proof.indoctrination in our school‘ allowed the spokesperson to claim that the teacher ‘was’.grooming” student.

Florida’s new law effectively resulted in a ban on books, with classrooms and libraries removing them over concerns they contained “inappropriate” content.

A high school English teacher in Palm Bay, Florida, told the Guardian A librarian took away a third of the books in the classroom. Among them was a collection of poems by Emily Dickinson, which was not on her list of permitted books.

DeSantis also attacked Disney as a company after it opposed a “Don’t Say You’re Gay” bill. He fought back against Disney by signing a bill stripping Disney of its status as a borough near Orlando.

disney counterattack It filed a federal lawsuit against DeSantis for retaliating against the company for voicing its First Amendment right to free speech. In the lawsuit, Disney is seeking to block the governor’s attempt to take over the district.

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/may/13/florida-teacher-allegedly-investigated-for-showing-students-film-strange-world A teacher in Florida is under investigation for showing his students the movie ‘Strange World’.florida

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