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About the stickiness floating in the water on Marco Island

Marco Island

An ugly, smelly gunk is found floating in the water, and the sight scares neighbors even to go near the water.

The mat was found between Coconut Island and Tigertail Beach on Marco Island.

Jerks have a foul odor and appearance. Collier Couty’s water manager told WINK News the sludge is worth testing. It could be completely harmless, and that’s the hope, but Waterkeeper can’t rule out the possibility that it’s a harmful form of cyanobacteria.

“It was like a ball of sand. It looked like papier-mâché because the propellers were hitting it as the boats passed by. And they kind of fell apart.”

WINK News spoke with Collier County Water Manager KC Schulberg about the gunk.

“It looked like a type of cyanobacterium called Lymbia, which is very toxic and dangerous to humans,” Schulberg said.

Schulberg explained that the culprit could be an ongoing dredging project that started at Tigertail in November 2022. Dredging can stir up sediments and nutrients that promote cyanobacterial growth.

“Normally, when something undesirable happens as a result of dredging, they have to stop dredging and investigate what is causing these mats. I think it’s worth investigating further whether it’s bubbles,” Schulberg said.

Schulberg told WINK News that scientists will look at the mat under a microscope next week. And until you get an answer, stay away from water if you see gunk.

“Don’t go into the water carelessly,” Schulberg said.

If Matt proves to be Lymbia, Schulberg told WINK News that it will be a new battle.

https://www.winknews.com/2023/02/21/concerning-gunk-found-floating-in-water-on-marco-island/ About the stickiness floating in the water on Marco Island

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