Adnan Syed Case Update: Serial Podcast

was Adnan Said False accusation? A new investigation reportedly contains enough evidence to release Sayid from prison.

Who is Adnan Said?

according to todaySaid was tried and convicted of murdering ex-girlfriend Hemin Lee.

  • biography report Syed and Lee were juniors at Woodlawn High School in Baltimore in 1999. biography“Her cause of death was manual strangulation.”
  • Said’s friend Jay Wiles said That he helped Sayid bury Lee’s body.
  • Said has always maintained his innocence.

What is “Serial”?

Journalist Sarah Koenig hosts a podcast called “Serial”.according to serial website, “‘Serial’ is one story, a true story, throughout the season. ‘Serial’ has won all major broadcasting awards, including the DuPont-Columbia Award, the Scripps Howard Award, and the Edward R. It also won the first award given to

The case involving Adnan Said Featured on a podcast.

Why could Said’s beliefs be overthrown?

according to CNBCa new investigation reveals “new evidence that may undermine Said’s beliefs.”

The Marilyn Mosby State Attorney’s Office said in a statement: CNBC“The motion filed today builds on a nearly year-long investigation that revealed undisclosed newly developed information about two other suspects, as well as unreliable cell tower data. And I support Syed’s new trial.”

forbes reported that one of the two new suspects threatened to kill Lee in front of another person.Sayid’s Case Reinvestigated March.

What other true crime podcasts should I listen to?

  • according to deseret newsListeners can find it in KSL podcast page.
  • rolling stone We just released a list of the 25 best true crime podcasts.The list includes podcasts like “Counter-Clock” and “Somebody.”

https://www.deseret.com/u-s-world/2022/9/15/23354965/adnan-syed-case-update-true-crime-podcasts-2022 Adnan Syed Case Update: Serial Podcast

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