AEROAFFAIRES: try private jet flights at an affordable price

Public flights are getting more and more expensive. Indeed, ticket prices are increasing as a consequence of multiple external factors that are impacting the aeronautics and airlines industry such as  COVID-19, inflation, war in Ukraine, gas price and environmental awareness.  A lot of airline companies filed for bankruptcy, others had to cut costs at an unseen proportion in this industry. The COVID-19 effects on the industry are dissipating in mid 2022, but the rise of these new external factors puts the industry at a complicated time.
There are a lot of important challenges that lay ahead for the next few years of public flights. 

 However, another industry of aeronautics has known a huge demand for its services: private jets. Indeed, it is a growing alternative to classical public flights. And it is not as expensive as it is labelled, especially if you use a private jet rental company.
Indeed, private jet rental companies, such as AEROAFFAIRES, offer the same service of a private jet such as ease of use, rapidity, flexibility and compliance with health restrictions. It’s just like if you had your private jet at disposal. Private jets are really emerging as one of the best ways to travel in 2022 for leisure and business reasons. 

 AEROAFFAIRES is an on-demand private jet rental. They offer best-in-class features, tailor-made and premium experience in order to satisfy your needs. They guarantee the best prices in the market to be an affordable alternative to public flights. Making it as easy to rent a jet than a taxi is the company’s motto.  

The boom in demand for rental private jet

 Private jet rental organisations have seen a significant increase in demand over the past year. This demand is especially growing amongst first-time private jet users that are looking for a health secure, flexible and easy to use alternative to public airline companies. COVID-19 has obviously fueled the rise in interest for this particular industry.
With the actual macroeconomic factors, the interest in private jets will not stop here

The advantages of private jets

 There are a lot of different reasons that private jets are better than flying commercial.

If you are a CEO of a company for instance it could be a game changing decision to start flying using private jets for you and your team. Indeed, you would spend less time that is lost during the long procedure before going for a flight. Instead, you could use a private jet in order to conduct a meeting with your team while flying as with AEROAFFAIRES you have the possibility to have wifi onboard. A last possible use is to use a private jet for a company could be for team building purposes. Indeed, you could want to rent private jets as a group to go to a seminar in your industry, team building activities, corporate holiday, etc. 

 However, you could also use private jets for personal leisure flights. Indeed, if you are thinking of preparing a world tour or a big trip that consists of small steps around the world, you could think of flying with a private jet. It could be less expensive than booking a lot of different plane tickets. 

 Moreover, private jets are more health restricted than public flights. Indeed, when you travel with a private jet you only need to go to your plane avoiding contact with a lot of people during the normal onboarding procedure of commercial flights. Also, in the aircraft, you will be with way less people than usual, reducing the risks of having COVID-19 for instance. 

AEROAFFAIRES: the private jet rental company for you

 With all these advantages it could be interesting to fly with a private jet rental company such as AEROAFFAIRES.  Making affordable the rental of a private jet is the key mission of the company. They offer flights around the world with a lot of destinations available, with key partnerships such as a worldwide network of more than 8000 airports and 7500 aircraft at disposal. 

 One of their core values is customer satisfaction, as they ensure the best quality for their services; Also, you can trust AEROAFFAIRES as with more than 100 reviews on their service they have an average grade of 4.9/5. The company tries to improve their services daily by listening to their clients, and in 30 years of service they had more than 100,000 passengers and 30,000 flights conducted.


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