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After Cai’s visit to China, the Chinese army showed its strength against Taiwan.

Taipei – China’s military has sent dozens of fighter jets and warships to Taiwan in a massive exercise simulating an island blockade in response to the president’s visit to the United States.

The Chinese military had previously announced a three-day “combat readiness patrol” called the Joint Sword as a warning to Taiwan, an autonomous island claimed by China. Beijing says contacts between foreign officials and the island’s democratic government are encouraging Taiwanese who want formal independence, and China’s ruling Communist Party says that step will lead to war.

The two sides split in 1949 after a civil war, and the ruling party says the islands are obliged to forcefully return to the mainland if necessary. Military analysts say that in the event of war, China would cut off maritime and air traffic around Taiwan to prevent the United States, Japan or other countries from intervening or sending supplies to defend the island. suggests that it is possible.

China’s latest military action follows President Tsai Ing-wen’s delicate diplomatic mission to strengthen Taiwan’s fading alliance. in Central America Raises US support, capped off with cautious talks with US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in CaliforniaA US congressional delegation also met with Tsai in Taiwan over the weekend after she returned home.

In response to talks with McCarthy, China Travel bans and financial sanctions To those associated with Tsai’s visit to the United States and increased military activity over the weekend.

On Monday morning, China’s People’s Liberation Army announced that an aircraft carrier from Shandong province had taken part in exercises to encircle Taiwan for the first time. The People’s Liberation Army Eastern Command posted a video on its social Weibo platform, which showed a video of a fighter jet taking off from the deck of the ship.

State broadcaster CCTV, citing information from the PLA, said the exercises were not only “simulating a joint blockade” of Taiwan, but also “a wave of simulated attacks” against key targets on the island. Stated.

A total of 70 aircraft were detected between 6 a.m. Sunday and 6 a.m. Monday, half of them passing through the Taiwan Strait median, according to Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense. Among the aircraft that crossed the median were eight J-16 fighters, four J-1 fighters, eight Su-30 fighters and reconnaissance aircraft.

Late Monday morning, Taiwan’s defense ministry reported 59 more flights by bombers and several fighter jets.

Afterwards, eight warships and 71 planes were detected near Taiwan for a full day from Friday to Saturday, according to the island’s defense ministry. In a statement, the ministry said it was approaching the situation from the perspective of “not escalating or creating conflict.”

Taiwan said it monitors China’s movements not only through its own naval vessels, but also through land-based missile systems.

In addition to combat readiness patrols, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army will conduct “live fire drills” in Luoyuan Bay in China’s Fujian province, opposite Taiwan, the local Maritime Administration said over the weekend.

China’s military harassment of Taiwan has intensified in recent years, with planes and ships being sent to the island on an almost daily basis, in increasing numbers in response to clandestine activities.

A U.S. representative who attended a meeting with Tsai last week said Saturday that the U.S. must take seriously the threat China poses to Taiwan. Republican Chairman of the House Committee on China, Mike Gallagher, said: Associated Press He plans to lead a committee to strengthen the island government’s defenses and encourage Congress to promote military aid to Taiwan.

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https://www.local10.com/news/world/2023/04/10/china-military-displays-force-toward-taiwan-after-tsai-trip/ After Cai’s visit to China, the Chinese army showed its strength against Taiwan.

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