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Aiden Futch Remains in Duval County Jail, Murder Trial Remains in St. Johns County – For Now

st.Johns County, Florida – Aiden Hutch’s defense team was hit twice Tuesday as a St. Johns County judge denied a motion to move a teenager from a Duval County jail and chose not to change the venue for his murder trial. received.

Judge R. Lee Smith said he would reconsider the decision that the trial could be moved out of the area if an impartial jury cannot be found.

Futch be charged with first-degree murder for the murder of 13-year-old classmate Tristin Baileywho was Found stabbed to death on Mother’s Day last year It is located at Durbin Crossing, less than half a mile from Futch’s house in the neighborhood where Bailey also lived.

Tristin Bailey

In a third motion, Fucci’s defense sought to compel prosecutors to make all easing disclosures in the case. That motion was granted by Smith after he said the state was already doing it.

Jury selection is scheduled to begin on February 6th and is expected to last 3-4 days.

don’t move trial

Fucci’s lawyers Change of court venue Inability of clients to get a fair trial in the 7th Circuit, which includes St. Johns, Flagler, Putnam, and Volusia counties. Lawyers also said an impartial jury could not be found in any of the neighboring counties in the area.

One of the reasons they gave was pre-trial publicity. Attorneys hoped to move the trial to another Florida county.

Fuch’s defense team said St. Johns County Sheriff Rob Hardwick’s words carry a lot of weight for local residents. Hardwick called Bailey’s murder “a cold-blooded murder”.

Amidst the move to change venues, Futch’s attorney also noted the community’s involvement from the time Bailey was reported missing. was involved in the search for her, and has since held “at least nine separate memorial services, several memorial services, and various memorial services…” for Bailey. It was Bailey’s favorite color.

To this day, teal ribbons are hung in restaurants, businesses and mailboxes throughout the community in memory of Bailey.

To this day, court filings state that “…at each court hearing, members of the family and community appear dressed in light blue or turquoise.”

Futch’s attorney also pointed to state attorney RJ Lariza’s public statement in the case as another reason to postpone the trial.

When it was revealed that Bailey had been stabbed over 100 times, Lariza has publicly stated that the violence refers to a planned attack.

“The point is, indeed, the plot could have been inferred just from the number of stab wounds Tristin Bailey had to suffer,” said Laritza. Every time it went down, it was deliberate.”

a stationary foot

Another request by Futch’s legal team that was denied on Tuesday was to move Futch out of the Duval County Jail. There is no juvenile wing in the St. Johns County Jail, so he is being held there pending trial.

his defense team Submit a document stating more than 20 reasons Why should he be moved to another prison while he awaits trial.

One of the reasons listed included allegations that the teen was being held in some form of solitary confinement.

According to his lawyers, he was held in solitary confinement 24 hours a day, denied access to any form of group recreation, indoors or out, and was even allowed to leave the cell to eat. Is not …

A big reason for this is the threats the 15-year-old receives from inside prison.

In a motion filed by Hardwick’s attorneys.

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