Aiden Futch was involved in a prison struggle and threatened to kill inmates, cops and their families

jacksonville, florida – Teenager Aiden Futch, charged with the murder of 13-year-old Trystin Bailey, is being held in a Duval County Jail, according to a prison report obtained Thursday by News4JAX from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. During this time, he has been embroiled in multiple disturbances.

Records show that he got into a fight and was threatened with killing the inmates, the guards, and their families.

According to the documents, on December 25, 2021, a prison officer witnessed Futch punch another inmate, who punched him back repeatedly. Police said one of his inmates had already been stunned, and Futch told his JSO that he was being coerced and bullied over concession items. When asked why he didn’t inform the officers, the report says Fuch said, “I’m not a Snitch.”

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According to reports, no officers were injured. After that fight, Futch was reportedly placed in a cell.

The report, filed on January 25, 2022, focused on alleged threats made by Futch while in prison and referenced a fight that occurred on Christmas Day 2021. two inmates.

One of those inmates told police, the report said. “Fuch said he was going to stab me when he got back to GP. Because he’s here to shoot and kill someone, he says he’s real because he stabs them in the face and takes their life.

Further investigation revealed that Futch had made several threats against other inmates and staff, according to the report. That included when an inmate told police that Futch had threatened someone.

The report cites an incident on January 20, 2022, in which Futch was found “using fear” to extort concession items from inmates. When the officer tried to obtain the concessionary items that Futch had extorted, the report states, “He became very upset and threatened the life of the officer who was retrieving the concessionary items for other inmates. It is written that The report adds that officers said “Inmate Futch threatened to kill our family while banging loudly and viciously on the door of his cell.”

Two other incidents mentioned in the report: On October 28, 2021, prison officers noticed Futch’s eyes were baggy and discolored. According to reports, he first told them that he had been beaten by St. I never hit him, I just didn’t sleep well.

According to an October 5, 2022 report, corrections officers found “excessive books and magazines” in Futch’s cell during shakedown. Futch reportedly refused to have the items removed by officers, was pepper sprayed, and was later placed in a restraining chair.

News4JAX spoke with attorney and juvenile law expert Shannon Schott, who reviewed the documents.

“This is the reality of children being incarcerated. These are all children in boxes, given little supervision and resources to deal with the fact that they have been charged with serious crimes.” I think it’s important to remember.

When asked if the documents could affect the defense, Schott said there would be serious questions from state attorneys as to whether these witnesses could be trusted.

Futch be charged with first-degree murder for the murder of Bailey, his schoolmate.she was Found dead after being stabbed on Mother’s Day 2021 At Durbin Crossing, less than half a mile from Futch’s house in the neighborhood where Bailey also lived.

Futch was 14 at the time of his arrest, but is being tried as an adult. If convicted of his crime, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. Since he was a minor at the time of the crime, he is not eligible for the death penalty. He is in Duval County Jail because St. Johns County Jail does not have a juvenile wing.

Fuch’s final pretrial hearing is scheduled for next Wednesday. He is scheduled to go to court on February 6th.

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