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Alex Kleyner Miami Store 2 Door Expands Farther

Founded in 2002 by Alex Kleyner, Store2Door is a reputable shipping company that serves over 350 cities and towns in the US and beyond. While demand for shipping has always been there, it significantly surged during the covid-19 pandemic. More specifically, the movement restrictions and stay-at-home directives compelled more people to adopt online shopping, something which was good for business for Store2Door. So far, the number of Miami residents shopping online and shipping the goods to Brazil, Columbia, and other countries has increased. Besides, Miami has witnessed tremendous growth in the recent past, and this means that more shops and restaurants will be sprouting soon. As such, the Alex Kleyner Miami Store2Door new opening has come at the right time to help residents of Miami, Florida.

Why Store2Door Customers are Important

Currently, Store2Door has more than 300 outlets in different countries, shipping goods to people’s homes and offices. In less than 2 decades, Alex Kleyner has managed to earn the trust of many online shoppers due to the good services provided, something which has been helpful in the growth of Store2Door.  Alex believes that their customers have played a paramount role in making them the most sought-after shipping company across the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. At Store2Door, the customer is regarded as king, and that’s why there is a 24/7 state-of-the-art Call Center to ensure that every client is served to their satisfaction. Typically, everything done at Store2Door is aimed at easing the customers’ shopping experience. In one of his interviews, Alex noted that expanding their services to Miami, Florida would be the best way to leverage their efficient supply chains and experience to serve the residents of Miami. It will be an incredible way to take advantage of the increasing demand for delivery and shipping in Miami. Alex recently announced that they will soon be opening an office in Brickell, and this is an indication that Store2Door services will soon be available in this area as well as other parts of Miami.

Alex Kleyner Miami Store2Door Expands Farther

Alexandra pictured above is leading the new office interior design experience in Miami

Reasons Why Store2Door is Successful

Apart from regarding customers highly, Alex Kleyner has other strategies that have so far earned him a title as one of the most successful entrepreneurs. For instance, flexible payment options are what many customers would want when it comes to shipping, and Store2Door provides just that. Common payment channels accepted at Store2Door shipping company include PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Additionally, with the use of robust technology, Kleyner provides efficient and reliable customer support through the state-of-the-art Call Center. Customers can access the online shop and shipping services through their mobile phones and other hand-held gadgets at any time and place, and this increases shopping convenience. Since the safety and confidentiality of sensitive information is one of the major concerns in online shopping, Store2Door reciprocates their clients’ trust by keeping their information safe.

The workers at Kleyner’s shipping company are also professional, hardworking, and dedicated to giving their customers a smooth online shopping experience. Store2Door prides itself in making deliveries in just 30 minutes or less for short distances. They also provide delivery services up to midnight from Monday to Thursday and 2 am on Fridays and weekends. This means that you can order groceries even late in the night and receive them within minutes. Additionally, Store2Door has set itself aside as a fresh food local market store that supplies clean, fresh, and hygienic foods to your doorstep. As such, loyal customers flock to the Store2Door online platforms to order fresh foods and receive just what they ordered. Alex insists that the first experience a customer has can either make or break your relationship with them. For this reason, they strive to make their customers enjoy their first, as well as subsequent experiences. Since customers are always looking for solutions to their problems, Alex Kleyner, through his Store2Door delivery company, offers much-needed solutions to online shoppers. Their services are convenient, affordable, reliable, timely, and helpful.

About Alex Kleyner

Alex is an entrepreneur who runs several businesses in the U.S. and beyond. Other than being the founder and CEO of Store2Door, Alex is the managing partner at Sonet Group company in Burbank, California. He studied Computer Systems Engineering and Informatics at Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University “LETI.” He is famous for his Store2Door shipping and delivery company.

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