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Anonymous drug detoxification in Kiev: UFOD in MedicoMente

Ultrafast opioid detoxification (UFOD) is a sparing drug technique used in the development of withdrawal symptoms. In the absence of the usual dose of the drug, “withdrawal” develops, which can last up to 15 days. UFOD in the clinic “MedicoMente” cleanses the body of toxic substances containing opium in 8-12 hours. Immersion in medication sleep allows you to carry out the turbodetox procedure absolutely painless for the patient.

UFOD is used for intoxication with natural opiates, semi-synthetic and synthetic, as well as substitution therapy drugs. The procedure does not cure addiction, but is the first step towards recovery if the patient is motivated.

Indications for turbodetox:

  • acute and chronic intoxication;
  • drug overdose.


  • chronic diseases in the stage of exacerbation;
  • trauma and internal bleeding;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation period;
  • pathology of the internal organs of the respiratory and urinary systems.

How is UFOD carried out

Ultrafast detoxification from drugs is carried out according to indications after a complete examination of the patient, determining the type and dose of the drug taken.

The procedure itself consists of:

  • In the use of drugs that inhibit gastric secretion to stop vomiting.
  • In the management of anesthesia, tracheal intubation for artificial ventilation of the lungs, the installation of a nasogastric tube.
  • To neutralize the effect of the drug, individually selected certified drugs are gradually introduced, which act as blockers of opioid receptors. A gradual increase in the dose of drugs protects tissues from toxic damage.
  • At the end, a toxicological analysis is carried out.

The advantages of this method of cleansing the body are speed (up to 12 hours), painlessness and the ability to use this method without restrictions on the age and experience of the drug addict.

UBOD in MedicoMente

The drug detoxification procedure at the MedicoMente clinic is carried out by qualified doctors in an equipped intensive care unit. During the procedure, the anesthesiologist-resuscitator monitors the patient’s vital signs, administers medications to stabilize the general condition.

After the procedure, patients notice the absence of pain, their mood improves, and their sleep is normalized. Supportive therapy in a hospital clinic with an appointment with a psychotherapist enables the patient not only to cope with possible residual withdrawal symptoms, but also to make a decision on the full treatment of drug addiction.

Conditions for anonymous voluntary stay at the MedicoMente clinic:

  • comfortable rooms;
  • TV, Internet;
  • restaurant-style meals, including diet meals;
  • hardware recovery techniques;
  • psychotherapeutic support;
  • recreation areas;
  • physiotherapy and massage.

Benefits of treatment at MedicoMente is a team of qualified doctors who have gained experience in European clinics and apply unique licensed methods for the effective treatment of drug addiction in a comfortable and safe environment.


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