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Are you a doctor who hates treating homosexuals? Come to Florida where Ron DeSantis legalized prejudice.Arwa Madawi

YDo you know what I like about living in America? Freedom! For example, you can choose from multiple premium insurance companies to provide medical services. Healthcare companies, on the other hand, seem to be able to charge as much as they want for their services.if they want to charge you $1,500 (£1,200) for toenail fungus cream, it is their prerogative. That’s freedom, baby

As if this wasn’t enough, another layer of freedom has been added to Florida’s healthcare system. July 1, new law comes into force That is, a doctor can look at a potential patient from above and below, determine that they have a homosexual undertone, and refuse treatment on the grounds that homosexual interaction is contrary to personal beliefs. about it. Physicians are not affected in any way by refusal of treatment and are under no obligation to refer patients to other hospitals.

I wish I was exaggerating, but I’m not. Last week, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida said: Protection of Medical Conscience (pdf) The bill would allow medical professionals and health insurance companies to refuse patient care based on religious, moral, or ethical beliefs. The new law does not allow for withholding care based on race, color or national origin, but it does not protect against sexual orientation or gender identity. The only bright spot is that hospitals must continue to comply with federal laws that require them to stabilize emergency patients. In other words, you can’t let a patient die for wearing a drag racing T-shirt.

At least I don’t think I can. It is difficult to say exactly what is permitted under this new law. Like many backward Republican bills, the bill is intentionally vague. It does not state which procedures may be refused, nor does it clearly define what constitutes “a religious, moral, or ethical belief held in good faith.” This lack of clarity is by design. Republicans like to pass bills in vague terms. Because it creates confusion and is more difficult to dispute. Also, not having a clear idea of ​​what is allowed and what is not is very scary for those affected. Journalist Mary C. Curtis describes this tactic as “Intimidation through obfuscationThe ACLU said the new law “will challenge everyone’s trust in health care by having to fear discriminatory treatment from them every time they meet a new provider.” pointed out.

DeSantis was a very busy man.in the short time he did not spend war with disney, the state’s second-largest employer, has signed a string of regressive bills. The day before he signed a bill attacking health care equality, he signed a draconian bill. immigration bill That makes life very difficult for immigrants in Florida. And on Monday, he signed a bill banning him from attending a college in Florida. Spend State or Federal Funds on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives. It also limits the way race is discussed in many courses. DeSantis said in a speech after signing the bill. future college student If you want to study strange things like “gender ideology,” get out of Florida. “We don’t want to be distracted by a lot of politicized niche subjects. We want to focus on the basics,” DeSantis said. Don’t you think it’s a great advertisement for a Florida educational institution? “If you want to learn the basics, come here!” Obviously not included. Earlier this year, a Florida principal was forced to resign after parents were furious when their children were shown a movie. Michelangelo’s David And now a Florida teacher is under investigation for showing Disney movies to his class gay characters appear.

After banning everything in sight, Mr. DeSantis’ next big project appears to be to change Florida’s “resign from running” law so he can run for president. still serving as governor. It’s not clear when he will finally announce his candidacy, but I will say this. It seems very likely that the 2024 Republican nominee will be either Mr. DeSantis, the man who changed the Sun State. hotbed of prejudiceor Donald Trump, who turned out to be the same bigot sexual predator by law. feel free to shout

Arwa Mahadawi is a columnist for The Guardian

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/may/16/florida-ron-desantis-bigotry-doctors-gay-people Are you a doctor who hates treating homosexuals? Come to Florida where Ron DeSantis legalized prejudice.Arwa Madawi

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