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Back to Basics – Sell a house by owner in Florida.

Florida is one of the states in the United States with the highest number of international home buyers, many of whom are buying for investment purposes and others who want to spend time in Florida. Property acquisition or selling a house is a process that demands thorough research and experienced advice.

What is the Cost of Selling a House in Florida?

You’ll find a price list for common services if you wish to sell your home without utilizing a realtor. However, if your home needs repairs or sells in a buyer’s market, you need to spend significantly more preparing and advertising your home.

List of Prices in Selling a house FSBO

  • Appraisal for more correctly pricing your home.
  • To make an impression on local buyers, you should do Staging.
  • To compete with homes offered by agents, you’ll need to use a professional photographer. 
  • A real estate attorney is needed to aid with contracts, paperwork, and legal obligations.
  • The buyer’s agent commission is used to compensate the buyer’s agent.
  • An MLS listing with a one-time charge for inclusion. You can reduce your costs by using Houzeo.

Overall, selling by the owner costs 7.5% of the home’s value. The amount you’ll save can be determined by the repairs you need to make. 

FSBO Requirements in Florida 

House owners are compelled to report any physical flaws or shortcomings in their property that they know and 

could deter potential buyers. The Sellers Disclosure Florida Form is intended to address some of the issues that occur when property owners neglect to disclose the true condition of their property.

This paperwork is distinct from the sales agreement between the two parties. In most states, real estate disclosure forms are needed. The seller may also be required to disclose any external hazards in some states.

List of Details in Seller Disclosure Form

  • Insurance Claims
  • Land Use/Roads
  • Information on the property
  • Restrictions of the Condominium Association
  • Claims and Assessments 
  • Environment
  • Roofing Materials
  • Sinkholes, soil movement, and settling
  • Wood destroying Organisms 
  • Plumbing
  • Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Electricity System  
  • Intrusion of Water

FSBO Florida Paperworks

For each stage of the selling procedure, you’ll require different documents. 

Documents in Pre Listing Stages

  • Original Sale contract
  • The property survey
  • Comparative market study 

Documents in Marketing Stages

  • Home inspection report
  • Disclosure documents
  • Appraisal report
  • Final purchase agreement 

Documents in Closing Stages

  • Property tax papers
  • Deed
  • closing statement

How to sell a house by owner in Florida

Research & Pricing

When thinking of how to sell a house by owner in Florida it would be best to determine how much people in your neighborhood were willing to pay for homes in the preceding year. Price your home correctly, and keep in mind that purchasers dislike negotiating just as much as you do.


You’ll have to rely on your marketing talents because you won’t be in the MLS. Depending on the local market and your budget, marketing may include open houses on social media, flyers, and yard signs. 

Sell your home

Buyers don’t expect you to be an expert real estate agent. They want to feel like they’re working with someone who understands what they’re doing. You are selling a house, not your home; keep your emotions out of it. Don’t get offended and turn down legal ball offers; consider calmly and make a counter-offer.

Pros of For Sale by Owner in Florida

No real estate commissions to pay.

You will pay commissions if you utilize a realtor to sell your home. It is usually assumed that the sellers pay commissions. If a realtor isn’t compensated, he won’t go out of his way to find purchasers or put the house on the MLS. The commission ranges from 5% to 7% of the sale price. You get to retain all of the money and avoid paying commissions.

Familiar with your surroundings.

You know your home better than any agent as you own it. You get to choose when you want to tour guests through your house, and you get to stay and answer any questions they may have. 

Direct Conversation.

Without feeling pressed by the agent, you can speak directly with the possible buyer. You can also collaborate on a report with the buyer of your home and discuss the buyer’s aims and needs directly.


Real estate agents are paid on a commission basis. As a result, you can’t always trust that they’re looking out for your best interests. You don’t have to trust anyone when you sell your own home. A real estate agent may try to persuade you to sell the house for a lower price. As you have gone home for sale, you can focus your attention on it. A realtor may have a large number of homes for sale.

Cons of For Sale by Owner in Florida

A Great Deal of Work

It isn’t easy to deal with buyers. To accommodate potential buyers, you have to display your home at inconvenient times. You must be available for showings, maintain your home clean, and be prepared to deal with a significant amount of paperwork. 

It’s also important to include the time spent on showings, repairs, and clean-ups. Professional real estate brokers will promote your home on your behalf. There will be more effective advertising of your home to a bigger market of potential purchasers. 

When you sell your property to the owner, there’s more to it than just showing it and accepting a bid. Buyer qualification, inspections, repairs, legalities, and closings require time and money.

Discount Charges

The primary motivation for selling a home without using a real estate agent is to save money. When you sell your home without using a realtor, purchasers know that you will save 5-7% and often ask for a discount. 

You may find yourself paying the commission in the form of a discount rather than making a profit.

Involved in Troubles

You may find yourself in legal danger if you do not seek legal guidance, and you may find yourself facing a lawsuit. You must keep in mind that neither you nor the buyer is professional, and selling a home is not a simple task. 

It necessitates staying on top of things and avoiding mistakes, which may cost you a lot of money. Strangers who come to your house may pose a threat to you. To ensure the safety of your house and all parties involved, a professional real estate agent follows procedures.


Although listing your Florida house without the services of a broker can save you money on commission, some may not opt for it. If you’re unfamiliar with the real estate market or don’t feel comfortable negotiating with potential buyers, it is better that you hire an agent instead.


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