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Biden opens holidays, allows turkey chocolate and chips

Washington – president Joe Biden Continuing a 75-year tradition on Monday, he allowed a pair of Thanksgiving turkeys named after his favorite flavor of ice cream while joking about his party’s better-than-expected performance this month. . midterm elections.

“The votes have been taken, tallied and verified,” Biden said as he welcomed chocolate and chips before hundreds gathered on the South Lawn in unseasonably cold weather. No stuffing No chicken play The only red wave this season is when Commander the German Shepherd upsets the cranberry sauce on our table Commander is his dog.

The chocolate and chips, weighing about 50 pounds (22.68 kilograms) each, were kicked out of North Carolina on Saturday and checked into a room at the Willard Hotel near the White House, awaiting the president’s visit and the Declaration of Freedom.

The combination of chocolate and chips is Biden’s favorite ice cream flavor. “We could have called it Chips and Science,” the president joked at the event. $280 Billion CHIPS and Science Law That Biden endorsed and signed into law this year.

Mr. Biden declared, “We allow chocolate and chips here.” Before the ceremony, Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, took his young son Beau, who is almost 3 years old, outside to watch the turkeys.

Both gobblers hatched in Monroe, North Carolina in July. National Turkish Federationa Turkish tradition dating back to 1947 and the sponsorship of President Harry Truman.

The surge in holiday activity at the White House is a personal busy weekend for Biden and his family and the midterm elections, when the president’s Democrats performed well enough to buck the historical trend of predicting huge losses. Although Democrats will retain control of the Senate and Republicans will control the House when the new Congress opens in January, Democrats have minimized Republican wins in that House.

The official White House Christmas tree was also delivered Monday, and the Bidens were scheduled to help serve a Thanksgiving-style dinner at a Marine Corps base in North Carolina.

Biden and his wife Jill were scheduled to leave Washington on Tuesday to continue a family tradition of spending the Thanksgiving holidays in Nantucket, Massachusetts. granddaughter wedding, Naomi Biden at the White House on Saturday followed by the president’s family brunch on Sunday 80th birthday.

Humor aside, the president wrapped up Monday’s event in earnest, calling on people to get the COVID-19 vaccine to ensure a healthy holiday season. I encourage you to be grateful for what you have.

“This is a special time…because we are in the greatest country on earth, let’s be grateful.

Chocolate and another turkey chip ended up spending the rest of his life on the campus of North Carolina State University.

Jill Biden She did her part by receiving the official White House Christmas tree. The 18-foot-tall (5.5-meter) Conqueror fir tree, grown on the farm in Pennsylvania where the First Lady grew up, filled Blue’s room after the chandelier was temporarily removed and was removed for safety. tree can be fixed to .

“I love this tree.” She held her grandson Bo’s hand. “He wanted to go out and see the trees.”

Volunteer decorators arrived at the White House on Monday to begin decorating for Christmas, following the theme traditionally revealed by the First Lady after Thanksgiving.

Paul and Sharon Sheerer of Auburn, Pennsylvania, were named Grand Champion Growers of the Year at the National Christmas Tree Association’s National Christmas Tree Contest. Winners can gift a Christmas tree to the White House.

This is the second time Shealers has won the association’s highest honor. They gave the tree to Mrs. Hillary Clinton in 2000.

Later Monday, the Bidens headed to Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, near the coast of North Carolina, to celebrate with friends and have a Thanksgiving-style meal with members of the military and their families.

First Lady Leads White House Initiative to cooperate To support and promote the sacrifices and needs of military families. The president has promoted and signed several bills, including one to help military and veterans. Expansion of healthcare For those exposed to toxins from burning waste in Iraq and Afghanistan and to chemicals used in previous conflicts.

Biden’s late son Beau Biden He served in the Delaware Army National Guard on an expedition to Iraq until he died of brain cancer in 2015.

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https://www.local10.com/news/politics/2022/11/21/biden-opens-holidays-pardons-turkeys-chocolate-and-chip/ Biden opens holidays, allows turkey chocolate and chips

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