Big Bend’s Second Harvest Helps Food Aid in Sopchoppy

One group is now helping the Sopchoppy area, where access to fresh food has become extremely difficult after grocery stores closed.

An organization called Second Harvest of the Big Bend helps by collecting produce through partnerships with local retailers and delivering it to communities like Sopchoppy.

Without help, people there would have to travel long distances to get fresh food. But Second Harvest of the Big Bend’s Monique Ellsworth said more support was needed to scale up the effort.

“We have been aggressively seeking subsidies and contracts to purchase refrigerators, freezers and shelves so that we can deliver more food to our partners in areas with food deserts,” said Ellsworth. said.

Wanderer General announced They planned to start selling fresh food to ease food insecurity in Sopchoppy and Panacea.

https://www.wtxl.com/news/local-news/second-harvest-of-the-big-bend-assist-with-food-efforts-in-sopchoppy Big Bend’s Second Harvest Helps Food Aid in Sopchoppy

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