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Black Florida woman shot dead in front door by white neighbor | 2020 Florida

black mother of four florida Civil rights attorney Ben Crump was shot dead by a white man through his front door after a victim tried to retrieve an iPad stolen from a child, civil rights attorney Ben Crump said.

and Twitter post Crump said on Monday that the death of Ajke “AJ” Owens, 35, in an Ocala apartment complex on Friday night was a “wrongful killing” and the shooter has not been arrested or charged. lamented that

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods took a more cautious stance at a news conference Monday afternoon, telling reporters the shooting appeared to be the culmination of a feud between neighbors. Woods added that lawmakers have been called “six to eight times” for speeches in two and a half years.

He could not confirm that Owens was trying to retrieve the iPad when he was killed, but said the shooter threw skates at Owens’ children before the fatal crash.

“I would be upset if someone threw something at my child,” he said. “What parent wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t be offended by it, whether it was intentional or not?

“I wish the shooters would have called us instead of taking action themselves. If Mrs. Owens would have called us, we would be here today.” I hope it never happened.”

Woods did not disclose the shooter’s name, age or race, but added she was “cooperative.” He said all the children who witnessed the incident had not yet been interviewed, and urged the community to be patient while the investigation continued.

“We’re not cold-hearted bastards. We’re not going to interview children on the night they might have witnessed their mothers killed,” he said. “We will wait. We need to turn to professionals and professional counselors to talk to them. [but] I am here to assure my family and friends that my office will do everything in its power to bring about justice. “

Neighbors said the incident happened when several children were playing on the lawn in front of a two-story building in the development. To Okara’s Star Banner. A female resident came out of one of the rooms, threw something at the children, scooped up an iPad, and retreated indoors.

Neighbors said one of the children told Owens what had happened, and he headed for the woman’s front door.

“She confronted her and one side said there was considerable aggression from both sides, including banging on doors, banging on walls, and threats,” Woods said.

“And at that moment Mrs. Owens was shot through the door.”

He said once the investigation is complete, it will be submitted to the Marion County Attorney’s Office to determine whether charges are warranted.

Over the past few weeks, there have been several incidents of shootings of people believed to have been in the wrong place or acted innocently. In April, a woman in her friend’s car shot dead by a man in new york A person who objected to a car entering the driveway.

In the same month, in Texas, Two cheerleaders shot and injuredone said critically after returning from an event, one of them accidentally tried to open the door of a car he thought was his.

It was just days after 16-year-old black Ralph Yahl was shot and wounded through the front door of his home. he knocked by mistake I’m going to Kansas City to pick up my brother.

The shooter was charged in all three incidents.

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/jun/06/florida-black-mother-fatally-shot-ajike-aj-owens Black Florida woman shot dead in front door by white neighbor | 2020 Florida

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