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Boris Johnson’s bombshell remarks throw UK politics into turmoil

London – Former British Prime Minister boris johnson He left parliament in chaos on Saturday after lashing out at fellow MPs for ousting him in a “witch hunt”.

The Conservative government again absorbed the shock of the Johnson earthquake amid hooting from opponents, while loyal supporters insisted that the former leader who split Britain could still be resurrected.

Less than a year after Mr Johnson was ousted as prime minister by his own Conservative Party abruptly resigned from office “At least for now,” he said in a self-justifying resignation statement late Friday.

Mr Johnson resigned after being told he would be sanctioned for misleading parliament over a string of unruly “partygate” gatherings at the prime minister’s office during the coronavirus pandemic. Mr Johnson was among a number of people fined by police for allegedly breaking government-imposed restrictions in the country, including late-night soireees, drunken parties and “Friday wine hours”.

Johnson admitted he misled parliament when he assured lawmakers that no rules had been broken, but said he sincerely believed the rally was a legitimate business event and did not do so on purpose. Stated.

The standards committee investigating him appears to have changed his mind. Mr Johnson resigned after receiving the as-yet-unpublished Privileges Commission report. If the committee finds Mr Johnson willfully lied, Mr Johnson will be suspended by the House of Representatives.

Johnson, 58, called the committee a “kangaroo court” determined to “get me out of Congress.”

“Their intention from the beginning was to convict me regardless of the facts,” Johnson said.

The Conservative-majority committee said Mr Johnson’s attacks “undermined the integrity” of the House of Commons. He said he would meet on Monday “to finish the investigation and publish the report as soon as possible.”

Johnson is a charismatic and eccentric person whose career has A series of scandals and comebacks. The rumpled Latin-spitting populist with a mop of blond hair has held major public offices, but also spent some time on the political sidelines before rising to the top following Brexit.

A Brexit advocate, Mr Johnson led the Conservatives to a landslide victory in 2019 and pulled the UK out of the EU the following year. But he was embroiled in a scandal over ethics and judgment and was ousted as prime minister by the party in mid-2022.

By resigning, he avoided a suspension that could have resulted in voters expelling him from his seat in the House of Representatives, leaving him free to run for office again in the future. His resignation statement suggested he was considering that option. The newspaper has been highly critical of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who served as Treasury Secretary in Johnson’s administration and jumped off with many other colleagues in July 2022, and his resignation will force Johnson out of office. rice field.

Conservative polls have fallen in the tumultuous final months of Mr Johnson’s presidency and have not recovered. Opinion polls consistently show the opposition Labor Party leading by more than 20 points. National elections must be held by the end of 2024.

“Just a few years after winning the largest majority in almost half a century, that majority is now clearly in jeopardy,” Johnson said in a statement that sounded like a leadership pitch. “Our party urgently needs to regain momentum and faith in what this country can do.”

Johnson’s allies expressed hope that the former prime minister was not done yet. Conservative MP John Redwood said Mr Johnson “has made it clear that he does not believe this is the end of his involvement in British politics”.

But many others questioned whether a politician who often seemed to defy political gravity could be resurrected again.

Will Walden, who worked for Johnson when he was mayor of London and UK foreign secretary, said he resigned because he “saw the writing on the wall”. .

“The most important thing people need to understand this morning is that there is only one thing that drives Boris and that is he wants to win, or at least he doesn’t want to lose,” Walden told the BBC. Told. “This report clearly threatened to change everything.”

Tim Bale, professor of politics at Queen Mary University in London, said Mr Johnson often drew inspiration from political hero Winston Churchill. Churchill, who led Britain to victory in World War II, was ousted from power in 1945 and returned to prime minister. A few years later.

“I think he thinks he can spend some time in the wilderness before the Conservative Party and the country call on him again when they need it,” said Bale.

“Frankly, I think it’s unlikely. I think Partygate assured him he was toxic as far as a lot of voters were concerned. Given his demeanor over the last couple of years, I think it probably means that most of his colleagues want him to disappear into the smoke.”

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https://www.local10.com/news/world/2023/06/10/boris-johnsons-bombshell-exit-from-parliament-leaves-uk-politics-reeling/ Boris Johnson’s bombshell remarks throw UK politics into turmoil

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