Bronx holds memorial service for missing and dead Harlem Alpha Barry

Manhattan, Harlem (WABC) — family of two boys People who went missing and died in Harlem More than a week ago, we gathered in the Bronx on Monday night to mourn the lives lost too soon.

Mourners flock to the Huta Islamic Center to pray and cry for 11-year-old Alpha Barry and his friend Garrett Warren, 13, who disappeared after school about two weeks ago. shed.

After days of searching, police divers found the bodies of the two men. Warren was found in the Harlem River on Thursday and Barry was found in the Hudson River on Saturday.

Police believe the pair were seen cruising on a bike path along the Harlem River Drive on May 12. A third boy who was with them saw them fall into the river. It took hours to find an adult to help. Police searched all night but found nothing.

It would be several days before the families actually reported the boys missing, but by then the bodies had been separated by a violent river current. Warren was eventually found near 145th Street, about a mile south of where they entered.

Barry’s body was found on the other side of Manhattan on 99th Street just off Riverside Park.

“Everyone thought it was strange, but if you know the current, you can go north at the tip and then go back downstream. It’s a very dangerous area for the NYPD, and that’s probably what happened shortly after entering. That’s why it disappeared in 2015,” said former New York City Police Department Deputy Commissioner John Miller.

None of this applies to Barry’s family. The boy was going to be an engineer when he grew up and was planning a present for his mother on Mother’s Day, but he didn’t come home from school.

Barry’s brother, Ibrahim Diallo, said: “This man cared not only for himself, but for his family and those around him.” “He smiled at everyone.”

Barry’s school officials are planning another memorial service Tuesday afternoon at Democratic Prep Middle School.

Meanwhile, the medical examiner has yet to determine the cause of death and release the body, meaning the devout West African Muslim community will not be able to hold a funeral and put Barry to sleep.

Warren was pulled from the East River Thursday. His death was ruled to be accidental drowning.


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