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Brutal weekend calls into question Twitter’s future under masks

(The Hill) – Twitter’s potential viable future under Elon Musk seems to have reached its darkest point during his nearly seven-week run as owner.

Over the weekend, Mr. Musk faced a familiar chorus of criticism from politicians, pundits and regulators at home and abroad over Twitter’s ever-changing policies and journalist suspensions. But even some of Musk’s Silicon Valley supporters have changed their tune, calling Mr. Musk’s recent decisions “chief tweets.”

Musk doesn’t feel indebted to the board after closing a $44 billion deal in October to take the company private, but after surveying his 122 million followers and the wider Twitter community. , suggested he may “resign” on Sunday.

More than 57% of the 17.5 million respondents said Musk should relinquish his role as CEO of Twitter.

The polls lack what Musk needs to follow, but so far, the CEO of Twitter for less than two months, he has a handful of controversial policies. It has adhered to the results of the Twitter poll that guided the change.

The polling policy process appears to be one of the reasons Musk is facing a multi-faceted battle. Rapidly changing policies and seemingly erratic decisions have led to backlash from the business community, regulators, and users.

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives said the poll results were not surprising, calling the state of Musk-run Twitter a “disaster of epic scale.”

“I think even he’s reading the room, realizing that the clock has struck 12. His patience is wearing off,” Ives told Hill.

Los Angeles-based investment firm Wedbush estimates that Twitter could lose about $4 billion a year based on advertisers widely pausing ads on the site.

On Sunday, venture capitalist Paul Graham tweeted, “This is the final straw,” with a link to his Mastodon profile. Just a month ago, early in Musk’s tenure, Graham voiced his support for Musk, stating, “People who have never run a company of any kind are better than people who run Tesla or SpaceX. It’s amazing that people think they know how to run a technology company very well.” ‘, referring to Musk’s electric vehicle and space companies.

Coinbase investor and former Chief Technology Officer Balaji Srinivasan also denounced Twitter’s since-retarded policy banning users from posting links to accounts on other platforms. He called it “bad policy” and said “the right way to compete is to make better products, not to limit their use.”

Twitter was widely criticized, even by some of Musk’s former supporters, for temporarily banning accounts from other platforms from posting. A Twitter support account said Sunday that the platform “will no longer allow free promotions for certain social media platforms” and content with links or usernames from Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Truth Social, Tribal, Nostr, and Post has been removed. I posted when I did.

The tweet was later deleted, and the policy page appears to have been quietly removed.

Hill reached out to Twitter for comment on the policy change and the timeline for Twitter’s leadership to change if Musk follows the results of the poll. Twitter did not respond to a request for comment since Mr. Musk acquired the company.

Washington Post tech journalist Taylor Lorenz said she was suspended for “retroactively” violating policies on sharing links to other accounts.

“While Twitter has served as an essential real-time news source and has played an important role in the world of journalism, anyone who respects freedom of speech and expression should not arbitrarily criticize journalists who report on him. You should worry about stopping.

A string of controversial outages began last week when Twitter suspended the @elonjet account that tracked Musk’s private jet movements.

Another Post Tech reporter, Drew Harwell, was suspended late last week, along with other journalists who covered Musk, including CNN’s Donny O’Sullivan and Mashable’s Matt Binder.

Musk suspended account That’s what they claim they “published” his whereabouts. Doxing is the act of publishing personal or identifiable information without the person’s permission. However, the reporters who were suspended for Musk’s allegations of doxxing defended their actions, pointing out that the information shared by the @elonjet account was public and not an example of doxxing.

Musk reinstated his account over the weekend after using another survey to gauge user feedback.Votes submitted to users After backlash Musk was faced not only by the media, but also by US and EU policymakers and regulators.

Even conservative figures such as conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro and Jason Miller, a former adviser to former President Trump, questioned Musk’s journalist suspension.

Roy Gutterman, director of Syracuse University’s Tully Center for Free Speech, said the journalist’s suspension on Twitter spoke to a broader “danger for private owners of major public platforms.”

“It is within his [Musk’s] While he has the right to dictate who can join his platform, banning journalists critical of him does not imply free speech absolutism.

Musk has previously said he considers himself a “free speech absolutist” and will use that approach when guiding how Twitter operates.

“It’s hard to understand what his management style is. It’s a bit volatile. It raises the question of whether or not,” Gutterman said.

These concerns are shared on the business side, Ives said.

Most of Musk’s wealth is tied to his stake in Tesla, his electric car company. Ives likened Tesla to Musk’s “personal ATM” and funded the Twitter acquisition, but now he’s losing money on Twitter.

Although there is no “official relationship” with Twitter, Ives said the situation is “tainting Tesla’s story.”

“Tesla is the golden child of the Musk ecosystem. Musk is Tesla and Tesla is Musk, so now we have Musk debranding, we have Tesla debranding,” he said.

The political animosity facing Musk-owned Twitter still siphons heavily on the left, but on the business side, those lines are blurring.

“As a Tesla shareholder, whether you’re left or right, [it’s] It’s a black cloud that has caused significant value destruction,” says Ives.

Dominick Mastrangelo contributed to this report.

https://fox40.com/news/national-and-world-news/brutal-weekend-raises-questions-about-twitters-future-under-musk/ Brutal weekend calls into question Twitter’s future under masks

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