California woman wakes up to see dead bear on lawn

(KTLA) – A woman in California woke up on Sunday to find a dead bear in her front yard.

Monrovia resident Amy Spada said she ignored loud noises she heard outside her home around 10:30 on Saturday night.

“I thought it might be fireworks or a car accident… I didn’t really think about it,” Spada said. “A little while later, there was some police activity at the condo, so I went outside to see what was going on. Police were two rows away, and a bear was hit by a car and injured on Foothill Boulevard. and it’s hidden behind one of the bushes near my house. ”

Spada said police had told him the bear was injured and was deteriorating and that the situation was being dealt with. She thought it was all over and went back to her house to sleep.

But on Sunday morning, she had a surprise.

“I woke up this morning to take my dog ​​outside and there was a dead bear on the lawn, taped up,” she said.

Spada said many wildlife, including deer, bears and coyotes, are hit by cars in the area, but it’s not the first time a bear has invaded her neighborhood.

“They are always here,” she said. “About a year ago, I encountered a bear trying to enter the pool area.”

It’s unclear when the California Department of Fish and Wildlife will arrive to remove the dead bear, believed to be a juvenile, from the lawn.

https://fox40.com/news/national-and-world-news/california-woman-wakes-up-to-dead-bear-on-lawn/ California woman wakes up to see dead bear on lawn

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