Casey DeSantis reacts cheeky to reports that her husband will launch a 2024 campaign

Casey DeSantis wife florida governor Ron DeSantisposted a cheeky response to reports of her husband’s imminent 2024 campaign launch.

DeSantis is reportedly planning to announce his campaign on Wednesday. twitter With Platform Owners and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Sunshine State First Lady said: fox news article report on the announcement, Tweet: “If it’s true, it’s a big deal…” with a smiley emoji.

Mr. DeSantis was widely expected to campaign for months and travel to informally campaign in early reserve states.

The governor plans to make the announcement Wednesday at 6 p.m. ET, along with the necessary paperwork to the Federal Election Commission. He will then appear on Fox News at 8 p.m.

DeSantis is expected to be a major rival to former President Donald Trump, the frontrunner for the Republican nomination.

A Trump adviser told Fox News that a Twitter announcement would be a perfect fit for Ron DeSantis. Because “that way he doesn’t have to interact with people and the media can’t ask him questions.”

One of DeSantis’ main weaknesses compared to his predecessor, DeSantis, who is more than 30 years older, is believed to be his lack of charisma and ability to connect with voters personally.

The announcement was made when DeSantis met with donors in Miami this week.

Wednesday’s Twitterspace event will be moderated by tech entrepreneur David Sachs, a supporter of the governor and an adviser to Musk. According to NBC News.

His campaign will then reportedly release the video, and he plans to begin his campaign after Memorial Day weekend.

Twitter users reacted to the news of the announcement, with John Scott Railton, a senior fellow at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Institute, stating: write in: “Trump had Murdoch. DeSantis has Musk. Once again, rich media owners will try to sway America’s election.”

“Mr. DeSantis has ensured that Florida law is amended so that he does not have to resign when he runs for president. I will use the power of the prime minister’s office to the fullest for my own political gain,” he said. Added.

new york times Opinion columnist Jamel Bouillet written with the announcement “That’s what happens when a news team or a political adviser is an online maniac,” Musk said.

“I can’t believe how stupid this is. “DeSantis will have to overcome the growing perception that he is an obnoxious weirdo and what he does instead. will do.”

Former George W. Bush Speechwriter David Frum Comments on Twitter Event I have written: “I think the intent is to make it difficult to compare ratings to Mr. Trump’s CNN event, for fear of embarrassment.”

“Scheduling the event at 3 p.m. California time is another way to build an advance excuse for low attendance,” he added.

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/ron-desantis-2024-campaign-trump-b2344453.html Casey DeSantis reacts cheeky to reports that her husband will launch a 2024 campaign

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