2 mins ago

    In the Reform Movement, Some Republican States Give Police More Power Portland Tennessee Parliament Ohio Arizona

    After a year of protests against police atrocities, some Republican-controlled states ignored or blocked police reform proposals, instead empowering police…
    18 mins ago

    Conservative activists grab a pence at a meeting in Florida

    Orlando, Florida (AP) Some attendees of the Florida conference for conservative activists killed former Vice President Mike Pence during a…
    34 mins ago

    Manufacturers Can’t Keep Up With Explosive Bicycle Demand

    CBS News If you’re trying to buy a bike this summer, you may be out of luck. Last year’s cycling…
    50 mins ago

    Martyrs May Stand Up Again: Christian Right Faith in Trump Is Unwavering | Donald Trump

    YCrocodiles swam underwater and relaxed on artificial rocks as waterfalls ran down nearby. “Crocodiles are mainly found in freshwater, swamps…
    2 hours ago

    Family holding a ceremony at For Freedoms Park to honor Lauren Dumorro, missing for a year

    Cape coral Lauren Dumorro’s family is looking for an answer a year after she disappeared. Family and friends will meet…
    3 hours ago

    Tropical Cyclone Claudette Brings Rain and Floods to the Gulf Coast

    New Orleans (AP) The Louisiana coast and Mississippi have miserable weekends that were supposed to be full of celebrations on…
    4 hours ago

    Tropical Cyclone Clauded Form; Not a Threat to Southwest Florida

    Good morning, Southwest Florida! This morning, a tropical cyclone claudette was formed in southeastern Louisiana. Tropical cyclones will continue to…
    5 hours ago

    Associated Press Digest 5:30 am Joe Biden Florida Jail Bolsonal Nicole Brown Simpson OJ Simpson

    Here’s AP’s latest coverage plans, top stories, and promotional content: Always EDT. For the latest information on AP coverage, please…
    11 hours ago

    A family of murdered Tampa guards talks about a mysterious death

    Tampa, Florida — A family of murdered Tampa guards talks about her mysterious death and her legacy. Last week, investigators…
    12 hours ago

    The captain of the boat says Mylar’s balloons cluttering Marco worried about wildlife

    Marco Island Dozens of deflated balloons are scattered on the beach, threatening wildlife. Fishermen on Marco Island said they saw…


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