Communities in northwestern Jacksonville express concern over trains stuck for hours

jacksonville, florida – In northwestern Jacksonville, members of the Dinsmore community met on Tuesday to discuss what they called the “train problem.”

City Councilman Reggie Gaffney Jr. and Florida Representative Dean Black were both present to hear concerns.

One resident told News4JAX that he recently got stuck behind a train for nearly three hours. She was trying to take her daughter to school, but the train didn’t move until two and a half hours later, she said.

David Taylor, a longtime resident of the area, said the problem is not only affecting traffic, but also impeding the passage of emergency services and law enforcement.

“When the kids are leaving school at Dinsmore Elementary, if there is a train crossing the tracks, the buses can’t get where the kids need to go. Parents can’t get close to the kids. That’s another bad thing about trains crossing the highway,” Taylor said.

Black spoke of his concerns.

“I am here tonight to learn about the issues and challenges facing the town of Densmore and to hear the voices of our residents. We will be able to find solutions that can deal with the stress we are experiencing,” Black said.

Residents said they were all in favor of new development coming to the area, but just wanted to make sure the infrastructure could keep up with the growth.

The Dinsmore Commission will hold its next meeting in June.

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https://www.news4jax.com/news/local/2023/05/31/northwest-jacksonville-community-raises-concerns-over-trains-that-leave-residents-stuck-for-hours/ Communities in northwestern Jacksonville express concern over trains stuck for hours

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